Cassandra Morris

Case Manager

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Cassandra is one of our Southern California Case Managers and joined Surrogate Parenting Services in 2017. She enjoys the fulfillment of helping surrogates and intended parents to have a happy and healthy journey. She loves seeing the bonds that are created and meeting so many amazing people.

Cassandra left a 15 year long career in property management when she decided to pursue a career with SPS. She liked the personalized care and genuine feeling she received from Cristie when they met to begin her surrogacy journey. Cristie’s passion made it an easy choice for her to choose SPS. When Cassandra was asked to join the team as a Case Manager, the answer was obvious! She believes Cristie’s genuine interest in the surrogates and intended parents spills into the team and is infectious. Cassandra enjoys working with the team and the icing on the cake is all of the great people she meets along the way.

Cassandra is a homebody and really loves spending time with her family and pets. Her favorite place to unwind is the beach. She loves to laugh and enjoys comedy.

Cassandra had two surrogate journeys and the joy and absolute overflowing feeling of love that comes when the baby is born leaves her speechless- there are no words for her to describe. It took her awhile to become a surrogate only because she wanted to be sure that she was not going to have any more children of her own. Her only regret is that she waited so long to start!