Katie Bravo

Katie Bravo

Office Manager

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Katie is our Office Manager and joined Surrogate Parenting Services in 2012. She has had 3 journeys as a surrogate and was a Case Manager prior to her current role which she assumed in late 2014. One of her favorite parts of working with SPS is opening the holiday cards each year to see all the happy families with their very loved children.

Prior to SPS Katie was a restaurant manager and was the youngest female general manager for this chain. Since she has joined SPS she has enjoyed being a part of the transitions as we develop and grow each year. Katie believes that SPS is full of women that have special and giving hearts. They each have so much to offer and it is a pleasure for her to be a part of this wonderful agency with them.

Katie is married with 3 boys and a pitbull named Pumpkin. She loves to spend her summers at the beach and enjoys riding motorcycles. She has been an egg donor for 10 couples and has been a surrogate 3 times as well.