Sherri Cook

Sherri Cook

Senior Case Manager

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Sherri joined Surrogate Parenting Services in 1990. Her personal and professional experience with surrogacy allows her to provide exceptional support and guidance throughout each journey. She loves the fulfilling feeling she gets by helping others through this very special experience.

Sherri was introduced to SPS when her friend shared that a couple in the program needed a surrogate and she decided to begin her first journey. While she was pregnant, she helped with surrogate screenings and after her delivery became a Case Manager. Sherri appreciates the way that Cristie has always been very hands on throughout each journey.

Sherri enjoys being with her family and riding her horse whenever possible. She has been with SPS for almost 20 years and has delivered 12 surrogate babies. She has truly enjoyed every experience that she had. Sherri believes that helping couples start or complete their family is the best feeling! Sherri’s appreciation and fondness for the process of surrogacy through her own personal experience allows her to bring the care and support that is needed for her position.