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Nervous about surrogacy? Orange County has everything you need for a successful and stress-free surrogacy. The surrogacy journey is long, as it takes at least as long as a pregnancy, plus the time it takes to be matched, and have fertility treatments to achieve the pregnancy. Because surrogacy can take so long, there are a number of things that can go wrong, which is why having a supportive surrogacy agency helping on the journey is so important.

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Most people who understand the difficulties inherent to it, use an agency for their journey through surrogacy. Orange county residents are fortunate to take advantage of the services offered by Surrogate Parenting Services to help them navigate through the potential pitfalls. One of the most common problems which arise during a surrogacy journey is conflicts between the intended parents and the gestational surrogate. Most times, these conflicts results from a simple misunderstanding. For example, the intended parents may be disappointed that the gestational surrogate is not communicating with them frequently enough during the pregnancy. In cases like these, it is not necessarily the fault of the surrogate or the intended parents, but a conflict has arisen, nonetheless. A surrogate agency like Surrogate Parenting Services will intervene in situations such as these. They will address the matter separately, with both parties, to get each side of the story. They will explain to each how the other is feeling and provide a solution to the problem. Once both party’s expectations are set with the new solution in mind, they can move forward in a productive manner, with each party feeling as though they have been heard.

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Working with doctor’s offices can be another problem during a surrogacy. Orange County has any number of professional and reputable fertility and obstetric clinics to take advantage of during a surrogacy. Working with them on a daily basis, however, can be frustrating. Many of the procedures required to attain the pregnancy are time sensitive, which means that the intended parents and surrogate need to hear from the clinic in a timely manner in order to make preparations. Due to the fast-paced environments in fertility clinics, it can be problematic to communicate effectively with their patients, due to missed calls, misunderstood instructions, etc. A surrogacy agency can act as a go-between for the intended parents and surrogate to ensure that communication between them and the fertility clinic is as clear as possible, so as to lessen the surrogate’s and intended parents’ frustration.

Money is always a touchy subject in a surrogacy. Orange County residents would be wise to utilize a surrogacy agency like Surrogate Parenting Services, who will handle the delicate matter of money. The intended parents are obviously going to look for a surrogate who is honest and has pure motives for becoming a surrogate. The surrogate should be concerned with working with intended parents who are honest and value her time and effort accordingly. Unfortunately, conflicts can arise over money during a surrogacy, and the potential for the issue to become volatile exists. A surrogacy agency will work hard to intervene in the disagreement and understand each party’s point of view. Once they have the facts straight, the surrogacy agency will ensure that the conflict is resolved and that each party feels fairly treated.

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