Surrogacy San Diego

Surrogacy San Diego

If you’re considering surrogacy, San Diego is an excellent city to start your surrogacy journey. Whether you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, or are interested in using a gestational surrogate to carry your child, one of the biggest factors which can determine the success of the experience is the city in which you choose to undergo your surrogacy. San Diego is one of only a handful of cities in the United States which can easily accommodate all aspects of a surrogacy journey.

Whether you are becoming a surrogate or using one, one of the most important aspects which you cannot afford to get wrong is the legal surrogate contract. Unfortunately, many states in America do not recognize the legitimacy of a contract between a gestational surrogate and intended parents. Therefore, since the contract cannot be legally enforced, it is therefore not binding and inadvisable in that state to pursue surrogacy. San Diego is located in the state of California, which is one of a few states which do recognize the legitimacy of surrogacy contracts. Because the surrogacy contract is legally binding, it makes proceeding with the surrogacy journey that much easier to do in San Diego.

Another big decision which will need to be made during the surrogacy journey is which doctor to use for the treatment and to monitor the pregnancy. San Diego boasts an impressive number of first rate fertility clinics and obstetric clinics. Many of the clinics in San Diego have excellent fertility and delivery success rates, which is why so many surrogates and intended parents choose to seek their treatment there.

Perhaps the most critical part of any surrogacy, San Diego is home to a number of excellent hospitals in which to have the delivery of the baby. The majority of intended parents and surrogates have a birth plan in place for where the baby will be delivered. Because there is so much at stake during the crucial delivery, and because the surrogate could go into labor unexpectedly, having so many hospitals available at a moment’s notice makes San Diego an ideal city in which to deliver the baby.

There are steps to plan for when contemplating a surrogacy. San Diego is a city in which intended parents and their gestational surrogate can look forward to a surrogacy journey that is free from worry.

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