Surrogate Agency Los Angeles

Surrogate Agency Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a surrogate agency, Los Angeles has a lot to offer you. Many people who are just beginning their surrogacy journey, both gestational surrogates and intended parents, can be unsure of whether or not to use a surrogate agency. The reality of the situation is that, while anyone can go through a surrogacy journey without the assistance of an agency, it is really unadvisable to do so. The many benefits for both surrogates and intended parents far outweigh the cost of partnering with a surrogacy agency. Los Angeles residents have been faithfully served by Surrogate Parenting Services for years.

When considering the benefits of using a surrogate agency, Los Angeles residents should understand that the primary purpose of a surrogate agency is to act on behalf of the intended parents and surrogate to protect their best interests. Toward that end, the surrogate agency will help the intended parents and surrogates protect their legal rights regarding the surrogacy process. The surrogates and intended parents will benefit from the surrogate agency’s experience, having been through this process so many times before. They will be able to offer insight and ask the questions that most intended parents and gestational surrogate don’t know to ask about their legal rights.

Monetary issues are another aspect of the surrogacy process that is handled by the surrogate agency. Los Angeles residents can benefit from using a surrogacy for this very touchy aspect of the surrogacy process. Because the topic of money can be very tricky when handled one on one between the intended parent and the surrogate, it is a tremendous help when a surrogate agency acts as a go-between for them. A surrogate agency will have the intended parents deposit the money necessary for the surrogacy process into an escrow account. They will then manage payments to the fertility clinic, the surrogate, the lawyer, etc., all from that account. This relieves the intended parents from the burden of worrying about making sure everyone is paid correctly, and provides the surrogate with the reassurance that she will be paid on time and in full for her services.

Conflicts between the intended parents and gestational surrogates are another important matter handled by the surrogate agency. Los Angeles residents that are considering going through a surrogacy may be concerned that, at some point during the long surrogacy journey, a conflict could arise between them. It is a realistic concern, given the number of unknown developments which could arise during a surrogacy journey. Having a surrogate agency to act as a buffer between the intended parents and the gestational surrogate means that there will always be someone to act as a mediator for any conflicts. The surrogate agency will act impartially to ensure that the each party’s needs are expressed respectfully and that the outcome is to everyone’s satisfaction.

It is a big decision to work with a surrogate agency. Los Angeles residents who are considering surrogacy have a number of choices ahead of them. Luckily, there are so many significant benefits to working with a surrogate agency like Surrogate Parenting Services makes that one decision an easy one to make.

At Surrogate Parenting Services, we are with you every step of the way!