Surrogate Mother San Francisco

Surrogate Mother San Francisco

Looking for a surrogate mother? San Francisco is a great place to find a surrogate mother. It takes a special woman to be a successful gestational surrogate and not every woman is cut out to become a surrogate. Many women just don’t have the qualities that a successful gestational surrogate needs to perform her duties. So, just what are the qualities that a qualified surrogate should have?

A strong sense of responsibility is the most important quality to look for in a surrogate mother. San Francisco women who are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate should first consider whether they are responsible enough to carry out a surrogacy. Becoming a surrogate means that not only will the surrogate have to take extra care with her body, she will also have to make sure that she is taking proper care of the intended parents’ baby. This means keeping her appointments with the obstetrician, taking her medications on time, getting enough rest, not engaging in strenuous activities and eating the right foods. Adhering to all of these requirements can be very taxing for a surrogate, and without a strong sense of responsibility, it would be easy for a surrogate to fail to do a satisfactory job.

A concentrated effort at communication is another quality to look for in a surrogate mother. San Francisco area residents who would like to pursue surrogacy should think about whether they are able to maintain a clear line of communication throughout the surrogacy. The surrogate plays such a critical role in the health and well being of the intended parents’ baby that it is crucial that she voice any health concerns that she might develop over the course of the pregnancy. For example, if the surrogate experiences spotting during her pregnancy, but doesn’t inform her surrogacy agency or doctor’s office, she may run the risk of doing harm to, or worse, miscarrying the intended parents’ baby.

A willingness to compromise is another important trait to seek in a surrogate mother. San Francisco women who want to become a surrogate should consider just how long a surrogacy takes. The process to get pregnant usually takes at least two months, followed by 9 months of pregnancy. Together, that adds up to a year of working closely with the intended parents. During that time, any number of conflicts could arise unexpectedly. If that happens, a surrogate should be interested in resolving the conflict in a mature way. If she is not, the entire surrogacy journey will be more unpleasant than is necessary.

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