Surrogate San Diego

Surrogate San Diego

Thinking of becoming a surrogate? San Diego can be a great city for woman to go through a surrogacy journey. Being a gestational surrogate can be an amazing experience. It offers the chance to do something extraordinary: give the gift of bringing a new life into the world. A surrogate can be proud of the work she is doing because it provides a way for people bring their child into the world. Without using a surrogate, many people would have no way to have their own genetically related children.

There are many steps to becoming a surrogate. San Diego is a great place to start the first step – passing the surrogate qualifications. A potential surrogate will need to prove that she is emotionally, financially and physically capable of carrying a pregnancy for the intended parents. She will have an evaluation with a psychologist to determine if she is emotionally capable of handling the stress that comes along with a surrogate pregnancy. The surrogate will also have her financial situation examined. Although the surrogate will be paid for her services as a surrogate, she needs to demonstrate that she is able to afford to live comfortably and provide for herself and the baby while she is pregnant. Lastly, she will provide previous medical records and undergo medical tests to determine that she is physically capable of carrying the pregnancy to term without any foreseeable complications.

Undergoing the medical procedures to become pregnant with the intended parents’ baby is the second step to becoming a surrogate. San Diego is a great place to have these procedures performed due to the wealth of fertility clinics in the area. Some of the finest doctors in the country are located in San Diego, due to the laws in California being highly favorable towards fertility treatment. Although any one person’s chances for achieving a pregnancy will vary due to a number of medical reasons, many clinics in San Diego have excellent IVF success rates.

Carrying and delivering the intended parents’ baby is the last step in being a surrogate. San Diego is a great place in which to be pregnant. Everything a pregnant woman could want can be found in San Diego: maternity clothes stores, yoga for pregnant women, massages for pregnant women, support groups for pregnant women, endless restaurant options to choose from when cravings set in, and so much more. Prenatal care from knowledgeable and caring obstetricians is readily available for surrogates, as are first-class hospitals. Both the intended parents and the gestational surrogate can feel comfortable that the pregnancy will go as smoothly as possible with all of the resources available in San Diego.

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