If you’re considering surrogacy in California, no doubt you’re in the process of making a long-term dream come true. For some, the name of their little one has been chosen for years, perhaps even since they were a child. If you haven’t quite yet settled on a name or you’re waiting until you know your baby’s personality a little better before you decide, check out these eight adorable and unique names.

1. Magnolia (Girl)

Right now, there’s a huge trend towards earthy and floral names for boys and girls. Magnolia grew in popularity this year as did counterparts like Willow, Sage, Azalea, and Rosemary.

2. Ares (Boy)

The names of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses are also becoming quite popular. Ares, the Greek god of war, jumped onto the list this year. Other names such as Athena (goddess of wisdom),  Atlas (god of astronomy and endurance), Apollo (god of archery, medicine, various arts, and more), are also emerging.

3. Honor (Unisex)

Actress Jessica Alba may have kicked off a trend of her own when she chose the name Honor for her little girl. Consider similar names such as Eden, Haven, Justice, and Serenity as inspiration for your bundle of joy.

4. Suri (Girl)

Celebrities often choose zany or unique names and the world takes notice. Suri, after Suri Cruise, picked up some steam, even though she’s now ten-years-old. Other names like Broderick, Adalynn, and Knox are also starting to get some attention.

5. Emerson (Boy)

You can also draw inspiration from literature. Names like Sawyer have been popular in recent years, but you can choose names like Emerson, Atticus, and Finn to have a less-common name that still feels traditional.

6. Lowen (Unisex)

Uncommon Celtic names bring uniqueness and tradition together in one. Lowen is one of those names. It’s the Cornish equivalent of “happy” and works for a boy or girl. Jorey (boy), Briac (boy), Elowen (girl), and Delen (girl) are all good options in the same realm.

7. Izobel (Girl)

Turning a classic name into an uncommon name is easy to do by swapping a few letters. Think of names like Izobel, Gaige, Khloe, and Jaxson.

8) Barnabas (Boy)

Biblical names are still popular, but some, like Isaiah, are seen every day. Consider other biblical names, such as Barnabas, Solomon, Rebekah, or Elisha.

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