Being a surrogate is truly one of the most kind and generous choices a woman can possibly make.  It’s an amazing thing to be able to give intended parents the gift of a family, and it’s a “job” few women are qualified to do. When you add multiples into the mix, it becomes more challenging for sure, but the rewards are multiplied as well. You can use these tips to help you throughout your journey.

1. Take Good Care of Yourself

You will need to take in more calories and your belly will grow much faster. Focus on healthy foods, like lean protein as well as fruits and veggies to help ensure you stay energized and your digestive system stays happy. Take rest as you need it. Growing babies is hard work!

2. Set Up a Support System and Accept Help

You not only have your own family and obligations, but you’re also caring for the little ones inside you. The fact that you volunteered to help doesn’t mean that you can’t accept help, though. Even if you feel like Super Mom (because you are), learn to say “yes” when people volunteer to watch your children or bring you dinner. You’re being a surrogate because you’re generous- let others experience the joy of giving, too.

3. Stay Active with Gentle Exercise

Your body will have greater difficulties accommodating the growing babies than a gestational surrogate with a singleton will, and this won’t be exactly like your previous pregnancies unless you’ve carried multiples before. It’s good and healthy for you and the babies if you stay active as long as the doctor permits, but stick to gentle exercises, like walking, swimming, and yoga. These options are especially beneficial because they’ll help you keep up your energy and health while protecting your joints. You’ll also sleep better, experience fewer body aches, and will feel better, too.

4. Plan for an Earlier Delivery and Extra Appointments

Babies who are born after 37 weeks are considered full-term, but 60% of twins arrive before this date. Your doctor will want to monitor you closely to look for signs that your body is preparing for delivery and to make sure the babies are developing well. These checkups are often weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your health and how the pregnancy is progressing. There’s a good chance the doctor will want to schedule the delivery before he expects your body to start it naturally.

If you’re interested in being a surrogate and are just in the information-gathering stage, please use our website as your guide. Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is a dedicated surrogacy agency that focuses on matching gestational surrogates with the ideal intended parents and guiding them through the entire process, to ensure all parties have a smooth journey. There are some requirements you’ll need to meet to qualify to be a gestational surrogate, such as having a child of your own already and being a healthy weight. These things are necessary to ensure that the pregnancy is healthy and you stay healthy as well. Please take a moment to review the requirements. If you feel like you’re an ideal candidate, contact us today.