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More people than ever are considering surrogacy. Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in which to undergo a surrogacy journey because it has all of the necessary tools to make the journey go smoothly. However, before embarking on a surrogacy journey, it should be stated that each surrogacy process is unique and there is always the possibility for complications. A well thought out plan will go a long way towards a smooth surrogacy journey.

Properly executing the surrogacy agreement is one of the biggest factors that go into a successful surrogacy. Los Angeles has a number of experienced law firms capable of drawing up surrogacy contracts that are enforceable in a court of law. The surrogacy contract documents a number of issues that it is critical to address before any medical procedures commence. One issue that is addressed in the surrogacy agreement is what steps will be taken in the event of a pregnancy complication. Both parties, the intended parents and the gestational surrogate, must agree to a plan of action in the event of an unforeseen complication prior to the pregnancy being initiated. Obviously, having an agreed upon course of action is comforting for both parties, and necessary to the parties’ well being.

The child’s parentage will also be established in the agreement for the surrogacy. Los Angeles lawyers who specialize in reproductive law will know that all of the parties involved will feel more comfortable if the law recognises that the intended parents will have legal rights to the child under any and all circumstances. The surrogate will feel confident about proceeding knowing that, legally, she will not be responsible for the child she is carrying for the intended parents. The intended parents will feel confident that the law recognizes their claim to the baby the gestational surrogate is carrying for them.

The contract will also address the payment for the surrogacy. Los Angeles lawyers who are familiar with surrogacy contracts will provide a schedule for when the payments will be made to the surrogate. Usually, the intended parents will place the money owed to the surrogate into an escrow account which is managed by the surrogacy agency. The surrogacy contract will detail the schedule of payments that will be made to the gestational surrogate and in what amounts. Also detailed in the surrogacy contract will be qualifying expenses and allowances for the gestational surrogate while she is under contract.

Lastly, the contract will address issues relating to the financial responsibility of the surrogacy. Los Angeles lawyers will take care to ensure that the gestational surrogate will not be financially responsible for any unforeseen complications during the pregnancy through the medical insurance coverage the intended parents will purchase for her. The intended parents’ financial responsibility will be limited as well, given that the medical insurance they purchased for the gestational surrogate will cover them in the event of unforeseen complications so that they will not have to pay for them out of pocket.

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