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The most important step in order to become a Surrogate Mother is to consider whether or not surrogacy is for you, your family, and your lifestyle. The process of becoming a surrogate is a long, emotional, and personal journey. Just like with any other major decision that you make, you need to carefully research surrogacy, make a pros and cons list, speak with surrogacy professionals, and do the legwork to see if surrogacy is for you.

In order to help you performing all the necessary research, you can start learning about a surrogate mother’s process with this blog post: Become a Surrogate: 5 steps to take

Surrogate Parenting Services is known to be a highly reputable agency and we go through the matchmaking process in an effort to pair intended parents with surrogates who share similar values. At SPS, many of the matches we make form lifelong bonds because of the journey they share. Each person is a part of the team!

Testimonials from a Surrogate Mother

Testimonial from a Surrogate Mother

I am so grateful I chose to be a surrogate through SPS. The staff is so amazing and super friendly. They made sure I was ALWAYS taken care of despite this whole pandemic. They always answered all of my 101 questions no matter the time of day and made sure I knew I was not alone through out my whole journey. They genuinely cared about my well being and always made sure I came first .

They paired me with the most amazing IF’s and turned a contract into a family. I’ve herd so many surrogacy stories with other agencies and I am so blessed to have been able to have the experience I got with SPS. All the support they gave me is like no other. I can’t wait to watch my surrobabe grow and give him a sibling💙  thanks again SPS! 

What is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother carries and delivers a baby, and then gives the baby to the intended parents to raise.

What are the qualifications to become a surrogate mother?

  • You must have had one or more easy pregnancies and deliveries.

  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 40.

  • You must have at least one child of your own living with you.

  • You must be a non-smoker.

  • You must have reliable transportation.

  • You must be financially stable.

  • You must have a desire to help another in a special way.

  • …And you must love being pregnant!

Learn more about the different types of Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogates, gestational and traditional. Both types of surrogacy are just as safe as traditional pregnancy but are very different.

Gestational Surrogate

Between the two types of surrogacy, this is the most common.  A Gestational surrogacy is when a Surrogate carries a child that is not related to her in any way.  The embryo is usually created through the intended mother’s egg and intended father’s sperm using in vitro fertilization or IVF.  It is then transferred to the surrogate, who acts as a human incubator, carrying the parent’s baby through to birth.  Sometimes the mother’s eggs or father’s sperm cannot be used. In this case, a donor’s egg or sperm is used, and this is called traditional surrogacy.

Traditional Surrogate

Acts as both egg donor and surrogate.  Traditional Surrogates are impregnated by a process called intrauterine insemination or IUI. A doctor takes sperm from the intended father and transfers it into the uterus of the surrogate. Then after, natural fertilization of the egg takes place.

How much do surrogates make?

Have you ever considered becoming a surrogate mother?🤰 Our benefits include a housekeeping allowance throughout the pregnancy, maternity clothing allowance, our exclusive Pamper Package, as well as an allowance to celebrate your journey post delivery with your family!

Our base compensation starts at $60,000 plus $10,000 in guaranteed extras!

Is it legal to become a Surrogate?

The answer is: Yes! The California Family Code FAM § 7960 provides you with all the information regarding the Surrogacy Laws.

How does it feel to be a surrogate mother? 

Each surrogate’s journey is unique and special. Here are some comments from our surrogate mothers describing their experience:

“In just seconds, you watch someone transform into a mom or dad when all they could do before was dream of being one. Nothing was more magical other than when I had my own children.” – Jaleesa

“Never in my life did I ever think I would be able to do something that would help someone in such a huge way. I will never forget the look on my IPs’ faces when they saw their daughter. I’m so happy to have helped them grow their family, and I am forever grateful to SPS for introducing us to the people we now call family.” – Mindy

“I’m surprised and so very grateful at how close I’ve been able to become with my intended dads and surrobabe!” – Heatherlyn

You can read more about our surrogates’ experiences—in their own words—on our blog!

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