Interested in becoming a Surrogate Mother? Learn how much Surrogates make.

How much do surrogates make is probably part of your top questions when thinking about becoming a surrogate mother. Beside qualifications and the surrogacy process, the total compensation is an important factor into your decision making process.

At Surrogate Parenting Services, California’s oldest Surrogacy Agency, we are very proud of our compensation program for Surrogate Mothers. We have assembled all the information you need on this webpage. To answer the question: how much do surrogates make? The total Surrogate Compensation begins at $65,000 with an additional $13,000 in guaranteed extras. Additional compensation add-ons possible.

Here is a break down of what you need to know on how much do surrogates make :

Number of times being a SurrogateCompensation starts on average at:
First Time Surrogate Benefits Package$65,000 with an additional $13,000 in guaranteed extras
Repeat Surrogate Benefits PackageAdditional $10k base

Base compensation for Surrogate Mothers

​Starting the month there is a fetal heartbeat via ​2nd​ heartbeat ultrasound the base fee will be divided into 10 monthly payments.

Monthly Unaccountable Expenses

Starting the month you have legal clearance, you will receive monthly compensation for the duration of the contract, ending the month the contract is terminated or the month of delivery. Contact us for more details on this compensation >

Signing Bonus

Yes, there is one! The amount is paid the month legal clearance and is issued from the couple’s attorney. Contact us for more details on this compensation >

The Pamper Package

Several credits to treat yourself to something nice are planned throughout the pregnancy after confirmation of fetal heartbeat. There is an amount you receive as compensation per credit. ​AND ​another compensation for Maternity clothes at the beginning of your second trimester!

​AND​ ​Choose from the approved list of post delivery activities for you and your family. ​See details below.

House Cleaning Allowance for Surrogate Mother

A generous compensation is planned starting at the 8th week of pregnancy and ending 4 weeks after delivery. Contact us for more details on this compensation >

Additional Payments if Applicable for Surrogates

How much do make surrogates also includes variable compensation such as

Usable Health Insurance​ for Surrogate Mothers

An amount of Money will be added to your Base Fee amount pending approval from a 3rd party insurance agent. Contact us for more details on this compensation >

Twins and Triplets

Yes, we have you covered if you carry more than one child at a time. We have very generous compensation added to your Base Fee for twin pregnancy and triplet pregnancy. Contact us for more details on this compensation >

Other additional payments include: lost wages for you and your partner, fees for pumping breast milk or having a C-section and much more!

Testimonials from a Surrogate Mother

Testimonial from a Surrogate Mother

I am so grateful I chose to be a surrogate through SPS. The staff is so amazing and super friendly. They made sure I was ALWAYS taken care of despite this whole pandemic. They always answered all of my 101 questions no matter the time of day and made sure I knew I was not alone through out my whole journey. They genuinely cared about my well being and always made sure I came first .

They paired me with the most amazing IF’s and turned a contract into a family. I’ve herd so many surrogacy stories with other agencies and I am so blessed to have been able to have the experience I got with SPS. All the support they gave me is like no other. I can’t wait to watch my surrobabe grow and give him a sibling💙  thanks again SPS! 

Discover our Post delivery Pamper Package

To celebrate your immediate family members who supported you throughout your journey, you will be able to choose a special day out as a “Thank you” from your Intended Parents!!! (Contact us for more details on this compensation >)

*Theme Park and sports tickets are for your immediate family*

Universal Studio Hollywood is a partner of Surrogate Parenting Services

Disneyland Resort in LA is a partner of Surrogate Parenting Services

The San Diego Zoo and Park is a partner of the Surrogate Parenting Services

And many other Partners such as :

And many more! 

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