Medical Evaluation

After everyone decides to move ahead with each other, the Case Manager will accompany the Surrogate to an appointment with the Intended Parents’ Reproductive Endocrinologist. The doctor will review the Surrogate’s medical records and examine her to determine her health and viability as a gestational carrier. Once the doctor approves the Surrogate, each party will review and sign the Surrogate Contract.

Legal Agreements

Over our many years of experience, we have developed a contract between the Surrogate and the Intended Parents which is designed to protect and define the responsibilities of each party. The Intended Parents and the Surrogate are represented by separate attorneys, who will review the details of the contract with each to assure everyone’s complete understanding. The Intended Parent’s attorney takes the legal action required to put their names on the birth certificate.

The Cost of Surrogacy

At SPS, we only charge our administrative fee once. We work with the Intended Parents until they reach their goal of a child. For the approximate costs of the surrogate arrangement, please contact us at (949) 363-9525 or

Getting Your Surrogate Pregnant

Once the contracts are signed, the trust account has been funded and legal clearance has been given to the Reproductive Endocrinologist, the medication can be started for the cycle. The Case Manager will accompany the Surrogate to all her fertility appointments. She provides support and helps guide the Surrogate through the process. The Case Manager also keeps the Intended Parents updated when they cannot attend the appointments themselves.

The Dietitian

At SPS, health and nutrition are very important. Each Surrogate is required to consult with a registered dietitian and to follow their recommendations throughout the pregnancy. This applies to all our Surrogates, including returning Surrogates.

The Psychologist

The mental support and well-being of each of our surrogates is a high priority for SPS. Each Surrogate not only completes a psychological screening as part of the approval process, but she will also attend monthly group meetings with a Mental Health Professional that specializes in third party pregnancy and will attend with other surrogates in our program.

The Pregnancy

Each Surrogate is required to receive prenatal care from a Board Certified OB/GYN. All major ultrasounds will be performed by a Maternal Fetal Specialist. Your Case Manager will attend all Fertility appointments as well as milestone OB appointments throughout the pregnancy. Your baby will be born at a hospital with a NICU Level 2 or 3.

The Delivery

Welcoming your child into the world will be a very exciting time! Prior to the delivery, your Case Manager will set up a tour at the hospital for you and the surrogate. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have and view the facility. At the delivery, the Case Manager will be there to ensure that everyone is well supported and to help navigate important experiences including skin to skin with your new baby and assisting in getting you a private room, when available. She will also make sure all legal documents are completed accurately at the hospital and that your name is listed as the legal parent(s) for the birth certificate.

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