Personal Matching

At SPS, we do not offer an online database of Surrogates for Intended Parents to review. We feel the matching process should be much more personal. Our Surrogates are not available to be matched until they have been screened and accepted into our program. The screening includes a phone or video call with Cristie or Kelly, an in-home meeting with Cristie, criminal background check for the Surrogate and her partner (if applicable), review of medical records and a psychological evaluation. Once the Intended Parents have spoken with Cristie, completed the personality profile, and entered the program, Cristie provides possible candidates for them to review. Cristie uses everything she learns from the personality profiles, the meetings with each party, and her many years of experience in the field to create matches that are almost always a success.

The Meeting

Once the Intended Parents and Surrogate have reviewed each other’s profile and decided to meet each other, Cristie facilitates a meeting which includes the Intended Parents, the Surrogate, her partner (if applicable) and the Case Manager assigned to the case. The meeting provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about each other, discuss the expectations for the relationship and to review sensitive issues, such as termination and multiples. After the meeting, everyone returns home and has a chance to think over the potential match before moving forward.

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