Becoming a surrogate is a truly unique journey, and while it’s an incredibly personal experience, it’s also one that should be filled with joy and support – both from your family and your surrogacy agency.  That’s why it’s so important to partner with an agency that’s reputable, professional, and support-focused.

At Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS), we understand how important it is to create the best-suited matches between surrogates and intended parents.  Over the past 30 years, we’ve refined our process for interviewing potential surrogates – with the goal of truly getting to know each woman, her hopes and expectations, and the needs of her family.

How to Approach Your Interview for Becoming a Surrogate

Whether you work with SPS or a different agency, the process for becoming a surrogate should include several initial interviews, including a video and/or in-person meeting.  These interviews are the agency’s opportunity to learn more about you and your time to get to know them – long before you’ve made any commitments.

As you’re searching for an agency that has a reputation for providing its surrogates with the support they need (and more!), keep in mind that those reputable agencies are also looking for surrogates that they can trust.  So, it’s essential to take each interview seriously and always put your best foot forward.

Here are some tips that will help you master your initial interviews:

  • Scheduling: Use care when scheduling your interviews – choosing a date and time when you and your partner will be able to give it your full attention.  Mark your calendar and set an alarm, so you don’t risk getting caught off guard when life gets busy.
  • Childcare: If your kids will be home during the call, video chat, or in-person meeting, consider scheduling childcare so you and your partner can focus.
  • Personal Presentation: Dress appropriately (business casual attire) for video and in-person meetings – the way you would dress when meeting the intended parents.
  • Surroundings: Be sure to consider your surroundings, including loud background noise for phone calls and visual elements for video chats.  For example, you’ll be taken more seriously if you’re sitting at your kitchen table than you would if you were lying in bed.
  • Questions: Prepare questions to ask the agency.  Most importantly, this ensures you get the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family – but it also communicates that you’re carefully considering whether becoming a surrogate is right for you.

Keep in mind, when our agency partners with a surrogate, we’re saying to the intended parents that we trust this person to carry their baby.  So, while it may feel like your initial interview isn’t much more than a ‘getting to know you’ conversation, it’s our first impression into who you are, what you value, and how committed you are to becoming a surrogate and helping someone’s dream of parenthood come true.

About Surrogate Parenting Services

Founded in 1990, Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is a full-service surrogacy program that offers both parties an exceptionally supportive environment throughout the surrogacy relationship.  We’re passionate about creating ideal matches between surrogates and intended parents, so the journey is fulfilling for both sides and the future child is brought into this world in the best possible circumstances.

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