Any woman who has given birth will tell you that pregnancy is hard, even when there are no complications.  So, many people wonder: then why would a woman choose to become a surrogate?

The answers, of course, are complex, nuanced, and personal.  Every woman has an incredibly unique combination of motivations and inspirations that she’ll consider when deciding to become a surrogate.  But there are also common values and perspectives that are shared by many successful surrogate mothers.

1. She enjoys being pregnant—but her family is complete.

Some women seem to float through the pregnancy experience on a cloud of pure joy.  Their pregnancies are free of complications; their symptoms (like morning sickness) are mild; their bodies feel like they’re doing what they were born to do.

They truly love being pregnant—which can make it a sad day when they realize their families are complete.  Surrogacy gives these women the opportunity to carry another baby without adding to their own family.

2. She’s watched a loved one struggle with infertility.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, about 12-13% of couples in this country have trouble becoming pregnant.  Medical advances have greatly expanded infertility treatment options, but there’s an inevitable emotional, physical, and financial toll that comes with battling infertility.  And still, many end their journey with the devastating news that pregnancy simply isn’t going to be possible.

A lot of surrogates say they were inspired to become a surrogate after watching a loved one struggle with infertility—and they want to give hope to someone who wouldn’t be able to have a biological child otherwise.

3. She genuinely wants to help hopeful parents.

Women who decide to become a surrogate often share the belief that every person deserves to be a parent if they want to be.  Today, gestational surrogacy has opened up a world of opportunity for hopeful parents who desire a biological connection with their child but aren’t able have a child in the “traditional” way.  A surrogate helps to give birth to that dream.

Many surrogates add yet another layer of purpose and fulfillment to their surrogacy journey by partnering with intended parents who face specific cultural or physical challenges, such as LGBTQ+ parents, cancer survivors, and more.

4. She wants to set an example—especially for her children.

As parents, we want to be good role models and highlight the importance of helping others.  Of course, this isn’t going the be the sole reason a woman decides to become a surrogate, it often plays a significant role.  We’ve worked with hundreds of surrogates over the past 30 years, and we’ve seen the amazing impact the journey has on the entire family.

And, a recent study backed up what we already knew to be true: The children of women who become a surrogate tend to experience excitement, curiosity, and pride in their mother’s decision to help another family.

5. She can reach a financial goal for her family.

Surrogates who have the most successful and fulfilling experiences are primarily inspired by these less tangible but incredibly powerful motivations.  That said, there is also a financial component to surrogacy in the U.S., and it can provide a significant contribution towards achieving a financial goal.  For example, putting a down payment on a new home, starting a college fund, going back to school, funding a “year off” to follow a passion, or traveling with the family to experience new cultures.

At Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS), we are committed to ensuring every surrogate in our ‘family’ feels empowered by her choice to become a surrogate.  We screen prospective surrogates for financial stability (among many other factors), so we’re certain future discussions about surrogate compensation will be grounded in positivity and compatible with our values.

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