Every surrogacy story is special, and yours is no exception. That’s why we’re so excited about our Storytellers series. 

We periodically share incredible stories from our surrogates here on our blog. Learn what inspired them to become surrogates, their surrogacy journey (or journeys!), and the impact their experience had on them. 

This week we’re hearing Heatherlyn’s surrogacy story, who delivered a baby boy on October 1st, 2020 and is looking forward to a sibling journey in the future! 

Here is Heatherlyn’s surrogacy story.

Why did you decide to become a surrogate?

SPS Surrogates surrogate and the babyI was inspired to become a surrogate because I’m in a same-sex marriage and I understand how difficult it is to naturally have a child with my spouse, and for two dads to not be able to have a child on their own. I’ve also become more aware of how common infertility is. 

What surprised you about your surrogacy experience?

What surprised me the most about my experience is all the support I got from my case manager and the agency. Mostly I’m surprised and so very grateful at how close I’ve been able to become with my intended dads and surrobabe! I’ve heard and read so many stories from different surrogates and have been blessed to be paired with mine! 

What was the best part of your journey?

The best part of my journey is how we started as a contract and ended up a family! 

What advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a surrogate?

My advice to other surrogates is to do their research on an agency before settling with one. I’m glad I did! Also, utilize all the support the agency offers, not only from your case manager but also from the surrogates support group! I loved attending the meetings once a month! <3

What was your experience with Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) like?

SPS Storytellers Surrogate with her family I am so grateful I chose to be a surrogate through SPS. The staff is so amazing and super friendly. They made sure I was ALWAYS taken care of despite this whole pandemic. They always answered all of my 101 questions no matter the time of day and made sure I knew I was not alone throughout my whole journey. They genuinely cared about my well-being and always made sure I came first. They paired me with the most amazing IPs and turned a contract into a family. I’ve heard so many surrogacy stories with other agencies and I am so blessed to have been able to have the experience I got with SPS. All the support they gave me is like no other. I can’t wait to watch my surrobabe grow and give him a sibling. <3 Thanks again, SPS! 

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Thank you for being a part of Storytellers, Heatherlyn! 

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