Initial Screening

All potential Surrogates are prescreened prior to being sent an application. During this phone or video call consultation, SPS explains in detail the entire Surrogate process to make sure each candidate understands the process and meets the requirements. Each Surrogate and their partner (if applicable) must pass a criminal background check and provide us with medical records.

The Home Visit

Once the initial screening is completed, the Surrogate’s profile is reviewed and then the Surrogate and her family are interviewed in their home. This interview is completed by our Surrogate Intake Manager, Kelly Ayoub, or Cristie. Kelly has been a surrogate 3 times and she has also supported many journeys as a Case Manager prior to her current role. Our founder, Cristie Montgomery, has almost two decades of experience interviewing Surrogates and is also a former Surrogate herself, This gives Cristie a chance to learn about the personal life and expectations of the Surrogate, while also ensuring she lives in a safe and healthy environment.

Psychological Evaluation

Once the Surrogate has completed her In Home Interview and has met with Cristie, she is psychologically screened by a licensed psychologist with many years of experience working with Surrogates. We feel that psychological stability is an essential requirement to being a Surrogate. The psychologist spends 3-4 hours interviewing and psychologically testing the Surrogate, which results in a detailed report the Intended Parents are able to review. This psychological evaluation is typically completed prior to arranging the meeting between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate.

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