SPS Pampers Our Surrogates

Being a surrogate mother for SPS is both rewarding and special. The staff at SPS does everything we can to help guide and support you through the amazing journey of being a surrogate mother. Not only will you be well compensated for carrying a baby for a loving couple, we will be pampering you all along the way! You will have a housekeeper for the entire pregnancy and get to enjoy 4 spa treatments of your choice such as well deserved massages ! And then we will bless you and your family with a gift after you deliver such as passes to an amusement park or sporting event and more!

Surrogate Compensation begins at $60,000 with an additional $10,000 in guaranteed extras. Additional compensation add-ons possible.

Possible additional compensation including but not limited to c-section, multiples, lost wages for you and your partner, mileage, invasive procedures, pumping, useable health insurance and repeat journeys.

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