Your surrogacy will be wonderful for a lot of reasons. Carrying a baby for someone else is one of the most selfless things you can do and it enriches many lives, including your own. No matter what your pregnancy is like, there are a lot of things you’re going to miss after the baby is born. Here’s a look at ten things you’re sure to miss about your surrogacy.  

1. Solidarity with Other Preggos

Pregnant women understand what you’re going though. They’ll see you helping your own kids or fanning yourself in the summer heat and they just “get it”. There’s a sense of camaraderie, whether you’re at a playgroup or visiting an online forum. You are part of something big. Something special.

2. Smiles from Random Strangers

There’s something about the sight of a growing belly that excites even random strangers. You’ll get nods and smiles everywhere you go.

3. Baby Hiccups

Those first few flutters of hiccups and kicks are magical. As the surrogacy progresses and those kicks become firm and you can tell the difference between a foot, an elbow, or a head-butt, you can tell that the wee one is growing stronger. Your nourishment is helping him or her thrive.

4. Amazing Hair

Many women report having longer, thicker, and glossier locks while pregnant. This doesn’t last forever, though. Within a few months of delivery, your hair will go back the way it was.

5. Naps

We all love naps, but seldom get to take them. During surrogacy, you get a free pass to take as many naps as you like, without feeling guilty. Growing a baby is hard work!

6. No Monthly Visit from Flow

Nine months without flow thwarting your plans is wonderful.

7. Beautiful Skin

Pregnant women often have a healthy, rosy glow about them. This isn’t always the case, but it’s often easy to tell if a woman is pregnant, just by checking out her skin tone. Like the luscious locks, the vibrant complexion fades after pregnancy, too.

8. Getting Spoiled

Hopefully you have a core team of people around to support you, including family, your significant other, and of course, the intended parents. If you’re willing to accept the help, these people often step up to the plate and offer help with your regular duties and treat you.

9. Food and “Free” Calories

When you’re pregnant, everyone seems to want to feed you. Obviously, you can’t eat everything, but you do get to eat more of the foods you love.

10. The Expressions of the Intended Parents

You will miss the expressions on the faces of the intended parents. From the emotional first time you meet and decide that you’re a good match, to the excitement in their eyes the first time they get to feel the baby kick, and the undeniable sense of completion and peace that washes over their face the first time they hold their baby. All of this is made possible because of your generosity and compassion.

If you’re considering being a gestational surrogate and have not started up with an agency, we’d love to hear from you. SPS was formed by a surrogate and has helped bring hundreds of babies into the world, and into the loving arms of their intended parents. We help both parties through every step of the process and ensure our gestational surrogates are well taken care of. Please review the qualifications for surrogacy and contact us to get started.