Becoming a surrogate is a huge and wonderful decision. Women who choose this path are incredibly selfless and compassionate people. By making this choice, they give someone the ultimate gift and enrich countless lives in the process. Even still, it’s a very emotional journey, for intended parents and surrogates alike. However, like any pregnancy, no two surrogacy journeys are ever quite the same either. We’ve selected three of the best stories out there that tell the tales of very different surrogacy journeys, ideal for anyone who is interested in becoming a surrogate to read.

1. Someone Else’s Child: A Surrogate’s Story

Written by Sue Phillips, “Someone Else’s Child: A Surrogate’s Story” talks about Sue’s decision to become a surrogate, as well as the emotions she feels throughout the pregnancy and after the baby is born. As a mother of four, she offers a unique perspective on what motherhood means, as well as the unique bond a gestational carrier and intended mother share. Though the personal account takes place in Australia, which has laws that ban commercial surrogacy, the heartfelt tale of compassion is universal.

2. Her Body, My Baby

Although published in the New York Times, rather than as a formal book, “Her Body, My Baby” tells the tale of surrogacy from the intended mother’s perspective. In this case, fertility issues and miscarriage brought the mother to surrogacy, and she tells the raw story, including how she emotionally processed all the events. Though it’s not for the faint of heart, it does end on a happy note and helps people understand the experiences and mind of an intended mother.

3. Delivering Hope: The Extraordinary Journey of a Surrogate Mom

Unlike many of the other books available about becoming a surrogate, Pamela MacPhee tells her story with bits of humor in a more lighthearted way. At the same time, she addresses many of the questions gestational surrogates have and walks readers through her entire journey. Pamela’s upbeat attitude and selflessness throughout the book make it a very entertaining and inspiring read.

Have you been considering becoming a surrogate? This is truly one of the most amazing and selfless things a woman can do, and the rewards that come with it are one-of-a-kind as well. It takes a very special kind of woman to have the compassion and empathy required to be a surrogate, and there are a few guidelines related to health and stability that qualified candidates must meet. At SPS, we help match people just like you with people who long to complete their families with the help of a gestational carrier. We also guide them through the process, to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Take a moment to review our guidelines and let us know if you think you’d be a good fit.