Surrogacy isn’t just a means to an end; it’s an extraordinary journey. Should you decide to become an intended parent, you’ll be joined up with an ideal team, and with the help of SPS, you’ll be guided through each step of your journey. There will be moments of anxiety and of sheer elation. No two journeys are ever exactly alike, though sometimes it’s comforting and encouraging to hear the stories of people who have walked a path similar to yours. Whether you’re an intended parent with a baby (or babies) on the way or you’re simply considering the options available to you, the books on surrogacy listed below are sure to inspire you.

1. Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories by Zara Griswold

If you only grab one book, “Surrogacy Was the Way” should be it. Although a lot of the laws outlined in the book are no longer relevant, especially here in the surrogacy-friendly state of California, the feelings and the experiences are timeless. The book covers the stories of 20 different intended mothers, beginning with the various reasons why they followed this path to parenthood, including the other experiences they’ve had while trying to grow their families, and follows each intend mother through, until her child or children arrive. Although you will need a box of tissues for some of the stories, they all have happy endings.

2. Our Journey: One Couple’s Guide to U.S. Surrogacy by Richard Westoby

“Our Journey” is unique from a couple of different standpoints. First, it guides intended parents from countries outside the US through the surrogacy journey. It includes Mr. Westoby’s personal accounts of searching for an agency, as well as the reasons why he chose to come to the US for the process. It’s also one of the few books that addresses the journey from an intended father’s standpoint, as well what it’s like for same-sex couples. Mr. Westoby provides a wealth of information in the book and continues to be an advocate for US surrogacy in the UK today.

3. I Got Drunk at My Baby Shower: Our Successful Surrogacy Story by Susan Bowen and Heidi Thompson

As one would expect from a book of this title, it’s anything but your average surrogacy story. Susan, a cancer survivor with a zany attitude, and Heidi, a hardworking mother who decides to become a surrogate to help balance her life better and spend more time with her own children, each tell their experiences and discuss the myriad of emotions felt throughout the journey. Despite the fact that their personalities are polar opposites, the two women bond and form an incredible relationship that culminates with the arrival of twins.

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