The surrogacy journey can be wonderful and richly rewarding. There aren’t any hard statistics on the subject though some sources estimate that there are slightly more than 1,500 gestational surrogacies in the United States every single year. Regardless of the numbers, the decision to proceed with surrogacy is never taken lightly, and most people have understandable concerns before they go forward. If you’re preparing to start your journey, it’s important to be aware of these three things that will help ensure it’s a success.

  1. Work With a Surrogacy Agency

Some people try to go forward independently, but it’s very risky to do so. First, the laws vary by state, so you not only need someone who understands the local legislation but knows how to protect the interests of both parties throughout the process. An experienced agency will also make sure that all the important things are discussed, to alleviate the possibility of misunderstandings or disagreements down the line. Lastly, a reputable surrogacy agency will ensure that all the necessary steps are followed, and will walk the parties through everything that must be done, as it needs to be done.

  1. Choose Your Match Carefully

If you work with an agency, they will help you find good matches. You’ll want someone who has values similar to yours, and who has a personality that meshes well with yours too. When you’re presented with potential matches, take all the time you need to get to know the individual, so you can find someone you’re truly comfortable with. You’ll be working together for at least ten months, so choosing the right gestational surrogate or intended parents for you is very important.

  1. Act as a Team

Surrogacy is very personal, and it requires a lot of trust. Most people naturally work together as a team, simply because they’re all working towards the same goal. However, the very best pairings form an incredible bond. It’s common for families to meet for meals and socialize. Some intended parents help the surrogate by bringing her care packages or helping her with her children so she can rest. Some surrogates go the extra mile to make sure the intended parents are included as much as possible. This may be simply welcoming them into exam rooms, or giving them the opportunity to feel kicks and hiccups as the baby grows. In any case, they work together to sort out all the details in advance, and create a relationship that suits everyone.

The surrogacy journey transforms lives. While everyone joins together with the single goal of welcoming a healthy baby into the world, truly successful surrogacies create lifelong bonds and warm memories. When you work with an agency to support and protect you throughout the process, choose your match carefully, and work together as a team, this is the type of experience you’ll create. Of course, all this is just icing on the cake, when you take into consideration the little one you’re bringing into the world together.