Are you considering being a surrogate? It may well be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, and it takes a very special kind of person to make this kind of commitment. However, not everyone is capable of being a surrogate, even when they genuinely want to assist. Below you’ll find the four basic requirements, so you can determine if you’re a good candidate.

  1. You Have to Be Medically Capable  

The medical requirements for being a surrogate are fairly straightforward. You must:

* Be between the ages of 21 and 40

* Be a non-smoker

* Be generally healthy

* Have had at least one child with an uncomplicated delivery

* Have at least one of your children living in your home

  1. You Must Have a Huge Heart and Compassion

As a mother, you understand the absolute joy that raising a child can bring. You’ve had the quiet moments when you’ve snuggled your baby, as well as the opportunity to delight in your child’s first steps or first words. The people who need your help have likely been struggling with infertility or are unable to carry a baby due to their own health concerns. They cannot experience what you have without your help. Yes, there is a payment for being a surrogate, but women who choose to assist with surrogacy do so because they understand the heartache felt by people who cannot have a child of their own.

  1. You Need to Be Self-Sufficient

There is a lot involved in being a surrogate. Because you’ll need to be traveling to meetings and countless appointments throughout the pregnancy, it’s essential to have your own reliable transportation. You must also be financially stable as any stipends you receive for helping are not enough to replace a regular income. Being a stay-at-home mom absolutely does not disqualify you, though SPS will want to be sure you’re not dependent on surrogacy to make ends meet.

  1. You Have to Have a Lifestyle Conducive to a Healthy Pregnancy

It probably goes without saying, but those who live high-risk lifestyles probably won’t make good surrogates. Usually, this refers to people who expose themselves to alcohol, drugs, or multiple partners. However, prospective candidates should also be able to go nine months without bungee jumping, paragliding, or engaging in other risky behaviors, whatever they may be.

When you begin the surrogacy journey, you become part of a team. Everyone has the same goal in mind: to bring a healthy baby into the world, and into the loving arms of his intended parents. Most women who are interested in being a surrogate aren’t surprised by these expectations at all, simply because they understand how precious life is, and want to give the baby the best start he can have. If you fit the criteria listed here, there is likely a family-to-be who is waiting to meet you. Take care to work with a reputable and established agency, though, to ensure you are looked out for and are protected throughout the process, too.