Interested in becoming a surrogate? Your decision is wonderful beyond words and you’ll have a lasting impact on the lives of a lucky family. However, before this journey begins, in order to make the experience go as smooth as possible for everyone, we’ll have to make sure that you’re prepared for the road ahead. Here are four main evaluations as a part of this and each one serves a different purpose.

1. Basic Qualification

There are a few general qualifications you’ll have to meet in order to be a surrogate. They include basic things like already having a child of your own, being healthy, and being a non-smoker. The full list is available on our site for you to review in advance.

2. Personality

The personality “evaluation” isn’t really an evaluation, but it’s worth mentioning. During this stage, Cristie Montgomery will visit you in your home to chat. She wants to learn more about you, your goals, your lifestyle, and your personality for two reasons. First, the visit helps ensure that nothing was overlooked during your initial intake. Secondly, it helps her match you up with intended parents who share your attitude and general feelings about the process. At the same time, you’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have and learn more about what to expect.

3. Mental Health

Surrogacy can be an emotional journey at times, so SPS works closely with a psychologist who meets all of our surrogates. The psychologist will talk with you more about the process and make sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead. The psychologist will also put together a report for intended parents to review.

4. Medical

Between the visit with the psychologist and the physician, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with intended parents we’ve matched you with. If everyone is comfortable with the match and wants to proceed, then the next step is to visit the intended parent’s doctor who will perform an exam to ensure you can have a healthy pregnancy. He’ll also want to review your records from your prior delivery or deliveries.

Becoming a Surrogate with SPS

Becoming a surrogate with SPS is a little different than what you might experience elsewhere. This is because the safety and health of everyone involved is our first priority. We want to make sure that you stay healthy throughout the process and that the baby is born healthy too. The initial evaluations are a major part of making sure this happens, but we also work with you in other areas throughout the process, including ensuring the legal and financial aspects are taken care of. As a former surrogate, herself, Cristie Montgomery understands how important it is to have a partner when you’re becoming a surrogate and has set up SPS so that the entire surrogacy team gets the support it needs from the moment applications are submitted until long after the baby is delivered. If you’ve reviewed the basic qualifications and are ready to go forward, contact us today.