The decision to become a surrogate is a very personal one. Every woman who embarks upon this journey has her own reasons for taking the first steps. If you’ve ever wondered why some women choose to provide such a selfless gift for someone, let alone someone they don’t even know, as is the case with most gestational surrogates, some of the most common answers are highlighted below.

1) A Family Member or Close Friend Struggled with Infertility

Arguably, the most common reason women choose to become a surrogate is because infertility has touched their life in a deep way. Perhaps they watched a friend or sister go through miscarriages and/ or in vitro fertilization. In any case, these women are deeply touched by the circumstances and decide to help someone who is coping with a similar situation.

2) They Believe Every Person Deserves to Be a Parent

Now more than ever, LGBT issues are mainstream. Where there once was a time people within the community simply accepted they might never be parents at all, options like surrogacy make it possible for anyone who wants to share his or here life with a child to start a family. It’s somewhat common for women who have family members and friends in the LGBT community to feel a sense of solidarity and want to help people grow their families, whether they identify with the community personally or not.

For some women, another inspiring motivation lies in assisting intended parents grappling with genetic defects or health conditions they wish to spare their child from inheriting. The selfless act of carrying a pregnancy for someone else in need showcases the immense strength of the human spirit. By stepping forward as surrogates, these remarkable women offer a beacon of hope, ensuring that the gift of life is wrapped in the promise of a healthier future. Their choice reflects a deep understanding of the profound impact genetics can have on a child’s life, and wish the intended parents a perfectly healthy baby.

3) A Friend or Family Member Has Been a Surrogate

Watching someone you deeply care about navigate the intricate path of the surrogacy journey can be an incredibly enlightening and inspiring experience. The process not only unveils the strength and resilience of the intended parents, but also sheds light on the profound impact a single selfless individual can have in shaping the lives of others. Observing the transformation of a friend into a surrogate, fueled by compassion and the desire to create a family, can ignite a spark within some women. Witnessing the beauty of this selfless act, these supportive friends often find themselves moved to replicate the same remarkable kindness they’ve seen, propelling them towards embracing the role of a surrogate themselves. In this way, the surrogacy journey becomes a ripple of inspiration, with one act of generosity paving the way for another, and ultimately, weaving a tapestry of compassion and solidarity.

4) They’ve Had Babies and Loved Being Pregnant

Some women simply glow throughout their pregnancies. They float through the experience on a cloud of pure joy. When these women have finished having their own children, they sometimes long to carry another child, though aren’t interested in having more children of their own. For them, the easy answer is to become a surrogate. Not only do they get to experience pregnancy again, but they’re able to provide someone with the same joy they’ve experienced.

Have You Decided to Become a Surrogate?

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