Becoming a surrogate is an extremely rewarding experience. For intended parents all around the world who long for a family but can’t conceive, surrogate mothers are often the answers to their prayers. Because of this, providing the gift of a child to deserving people is a feeling that many surrogates say is unmatched by any other moment in their lives. It’s important to keep this in mind when initiating your surrogacy process and throughout the pregnancy. Read on for more changes that occur when you become a surrogate.

1) You Spend More Time with Doctors

Being aware of the medical procedures and health screenings you’ll undergo as a surrogate is important. Just like a pregnancy with your own child, you’ll see your doctors for ultrasounds and checkups regularly. However, because of the different process required to carry a child not biologically related to you, your health care providers will want to keep closer attention to make sure everything is going well. Intended parents also have a say in the birth plan and medical proceedings, so if they request more screenings your doctors will proceed accordingly. If you can handle a few more frequent visits to doctors, this will be no problem for you if you choose to become a surrogate. Rest assured that your surrogacy agency will help you understand the full extent of this before you begin.

2) You Form Close Bonds

When you become a surrogate, you will find yourself forming new relationships in life. Not only will you become closer with the intended parents, you will find valuable mentors and trusting peers while working with your surrogacy agency and inevitably meeting other surrogate mothers. Be ready to feel deep emotions for relationships you haven’t yet experienced in life; the bond with your intended parents is unique from any other bond you’ve had before the surrogacy. If you expect your surrogate pregnancy to invoke the same feelings as your previous pregnancies, you will be surprised at the new depths of emotions that surrogates experience. Be prepared to feel fulfilled and rewarded in ways you didn’t know were possible.

3) You Become a Better Communicator

Your communication habits will likely change when you become a surrogate. In addition to communicating your needs with your doctor and family, you will be responsible for sharing information and communicating regularly with the intended parents. This can get intense; depending on the intended parents you are working with, they may want weekly or even daily updates on your health and well-being. Rest assured that this is normal. For intended parents, the lack of control during pregnancy can be quite a challenge. If you step up your communication game, you’ll ease their spirits and in turn have a more enjoyable pregnancy.

4) You Learn What You Are Capable Of

Surrogate mothers are strong, generous people. They understand the joy of childbirth and the importance of family. These things are often what prompt people to consider surrogacy in the first place. As you go through your pregnancy and work with intended parents, you will learn what you are truly capable of. You will be amazed at your strengths and your ability to give such a miraculous gift to those who may have experienced many hardships in trying to conceive children of their own. Many surrogates say there is nothing more rewarding than knowing they have changed the lives of their intended parents.

Become a Surrogate with SPS

If this sounds appealing to you and you feel you are ready to begin your journey as a surrogate mother, choose Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) to be your surrogacy agency. We have a unique method of matching surrogates and intended parents together based on personality, preferences, and chemistry between both parties. Mentors also work with you closely to ensure that you are more than prepared for all the changes that happen when you become a surrogate. For more information on getting started, contact SPS at (949) 397-6855 today.