Beginning the surrogacy process is not something anyone takes lightly. If you’re an intended parent who wants to add to your family, you’ve no doubt had a lengthy journey to arrive at this decision. If you’re considering beginning the surrogacy process as a gestational surrogate, you likely have a story of your own that has inspired your selfless and generous decision. In either case, there is some universal advice that you should both consider, before you finalize any details.

1. Discuss the Surrogacy Process with Your Family

An obvious first step is to talk about the surrogacy process with your spouse or significant other. Even as a gestational surrogate, your spouse will be your support system throughout the journey. It’s also helpful to start mentioning your intentions to other family members, like your children, parents, and extended family. This will help you build up your support network in advance, and help your family adjust to the changes at their own pace.

2. Take Time to Reflect

The surrogacy process can be an emotional journey, especially if you’ve started out on the path due to fertility issues. It’s natural to have mixed emotions about whether this is the right decision for you, if there are alternatives, and how you will feel about someone else carrying your baby. As a gestational surrogate, you may wonder what it will be like to involve someone else in such a personal experience or how you will cope with the period after delivery. Again, this is all natural. However, in any scenario, you should take time to reflect upon your thoughts and emotions, so you can be confident going forward.

3. Consider Possible Outcomes

There are many variables, beginning from the moment you begin the surrogacy process. At SPS, we will help guide you through potential outcomes ahead of time, so you have the opportunity to make decisions together in advance. It’s important to remember that a gestational surrogacy is just like one created by Mother Nature, and some of what happens is up to her.

4. Make a List of Your Wishes and Goals

The more that you can decide and agree upon before the surrogacy process begins, the smoother the journey will be. Take some time to think about what will be important to you throughout the pregnancy. As an intended parent, do you want to be at appointments? Are there certain traits you’d like your gestational surrogate to have? As a surrogate, how comfortable are you with involving the intended parents in events, from appointments to the delivery room? Although every wish might not be grantable, you can be matched with someone who shares most of the same wishes as goals as you do.

If you have already taken these four steps and you’re ready to begin the surrogacy process, we’re happy to help you on the journey. We’re honored to have been chosen to be part of your team and will stand beside you every step of the way. You can take the next step by contacting us today.