Being a surrogate is one of the most wonderful things you can do and, although you won’t be wearing a cape and mask, we think it’s a whole lot like being a superhero. Here’s a quick look at the top five reasons why your decision is awesome and you are amazing too.

1. You Can Do What Few Others Can

Whether the person or couple who chose you couldn’t conceive or couldn’t carry a baby, growing their family was something they simply could not do alone. A lot of women consider being a surrogate, but many of them don’t meet the qualifications and others aren’t quite the right match, which means intended parents often have to wait a while for just the right person to come along.

2. Growing a New Life is Like Having Superpower

There’s something amazing about carrying a baby; from the size of a grain of sand up until he or she is ready to be born. Little fingers, tiny toes, a beating heart, and even the intended parent’s grandchildren (if it’s a girl) will all be formed while the baby is in your care. The child that you carry today will go on to touch lives and change the world in his or her own way as well. All of this is made possible by wonderful you.

3. Being a Surrogate is Selfless

Yes, surrogates are compensated for their time, but that’s not why they decide to do it. Although there are many reasons why being a surrogate appeals to women, such as a sincere desire to help, compassion for the families, or having surrogacy and/or infertility touch their lives in some way, it all comes down to one thing: a big heart.

4. You’re Incognito

Your role is crucial in making someone’s dreams come true, but unless you say something, nobody outside your circle knows that you’re in the process of changing lives. You’re also working at least two “jobs” at once. You have your superhero surrogate identity and your role as a mother to your own child or children. Many surrogates also work or go to school alongside these responsibilities. If it feels like you’re doing a lot, it’s because you are!

5. You’re Helping the World Become a Better Place

As we’ve already mentioned, you’re having a major impact on the lives of the intended parents and on the child you’re carrying, but you’re also setting a selfless example for your own children. If it’s possible that a butterfly flapping its wings here can cause a hurricane in China, according to the Butterfly Effect, something as big as you’re doing can have a major impact as well.

Interested in Being a Surrogate?

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate and are not yet working with an agency, we’d love to meet you. SPS is dedicated to making ideal matches between surrogates and intended parents and stays with the surrogacy teams throughout the entire process. Learn more about the qualifications and let us know when you’re ready to move forward.