At SPS, we take the time to get to know every surrogate before we even begin the process of matching her with any intended parents. We look at all sorts of things, from her health, to lifestyle, and things that may have influenced her decision. We do this because we want to be absolutely certain that she’s a qualified candidate and that anyone we introduce her to is likely to be a good match. At the same time, we know you want to be just as certain as we are that she’s the right one for you. When we bring you all together for your initial meeting, you can use the questions below or draw inspiration from them to help guide the discussion.

1. What are the three biggest things that influenced your decision to be a surrogate?

Most women report that they have a sincere desire to help a family grow or that infertility has touched the life of someone they care about. There are a lot of other reasons why women make the decision, though, and the supplementary answers will give a lot of insight into her personality.

2. What does a typical day in your life entail?

This question will help you make sure your values are aligned and help you ascertain why she may or may not be your ideal match.

3. How often do you see us touching base throughout the surrogacy process?

When it comes to how often you’ll communicate, there aren’t any “wrong” answers. You may have a more relaxed style in which you’re perfectly content to hear updates after doctor visits and such, but some intended parents want to get feedback more often. When you leave the floor open for her to talk about her expectations, you’ll likely learn what comes naturally for her. The arrangement you establish later may be different than this initial discussion, but if her ideas are close in line with yours, you’ll have an easier time communicating throughout the process.

4. How do your family and friends feel about your decision to become a surrogate?

Only women who have already had at least one healthy pregnancy and have at least one child living at home with them can become a surrogate. Between the emotions of the process and balancing her role as a gestational carrier with her family, and perhaps a job or other responsibilities, it’s essential that she have some kind of support system. It’s very common for women to say that it took certain family members or friends a while to adapt, but who is on board with her decision and the role that person plays in her life will have an impact on how she does in the coming months.

5. What are your three greatest concerns about being a surrogate or the process?

This is a tough question to ask and it should be saved until after you feel like you know her a little. She may not be comfortable answering it right away and, like the others, answers to this will vary quite a bit.

Still Looking for Your Ideal Gestational Surrogate?

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