You already know that being in optimum health while pregnant is crucial. Carrying a child is no small task, and as a surrogate, you have an especially important responsibility. Because your immune system changes a bit to accommodate childbearing, you are that much more susceptible to catching the common cold. When prevention isn’t enough to keep the cold bug away, try these surrogate-friendly cold-busting remedies to get back to health as soon as possible.

1. Count Those Z’s

One of the most important things you can do to treat a cold during your pregnancy is to get more rest. Take advantage of this recommendation and sleep whenever you get a chance. As a pregnant woman and a surrogate especially, you have plenty to deal with in your day-to-day life. Take it easy and take care not to exert yourself too much until you are feeling back to normal.

2. Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

In addition to getting ample rest, staying hydrated is key for getting rid of colds as quickly as possible. Drink plenty of clear liquids. This will keep you hydrated and can help ease a headache. It’s also essential to keep up with healthy eating habits as much as you can. When you’re feeling less than awesome, eating regular meals can feel like a chore. However, it’s important to maintain proper nutrition and get enough vitamins, now more than ever. If you don’t have much of an appetite or eating is uncomfortable, you can eat smaller portions but try to eat more often. Make sure to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals as much as possible.

3. Treat Your Symptoms Naturally

There are several natural home remedies for alleviating some of the tougher symptoms of a cold while pregnant. If you’re battling a sore throat or a pesky cough, try adding honey and lemon to hot water and drinking this throughout the day, especially before bedtime. This combination will help to soothe any soreness or scratchiness. Gargling with a warm saltwater solution can also ease a sore throat. Sucking on ice chips can provide relief and ensure you maintain proper hydration as well. If you’re congested, try using a humidifier during the day and especially at night. It also helps to keep your head slightly elevated when you sleep. Nasal strips are another safe option to help relieve some minor congestion during a cold.

4. Ask Your Doctor

It’s important to know that regular medications for cold or cough symptoms should be approved by your doctor before taking. Acetaminophen, for instance, is generally an approved option for surrogates to take for relief of minor aches and pains. Medicated throat lozenges are also usually safe to take for sore throats. At any rate, consult your doctor to form a health plan during your surrogacy.

5. Reach Out for Support

As a surrogate, you have both a responsibility to yourself and the baby to stay as healthy as you can. When you’re not feeling your best, keep your spirits and mood up by keeping in touch with people who have been there and understand what you’re going through.

SPS Can Be Your Surrogate Partner

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