As you learn how to become a surrogate in California, you’re certain to pick up on the differences between agencies. One of the things that sets SPS apart from others is that Cristie Montgomery visits every woman in her home before beginning the surrogacy process. This is essentially your first interview with Cristie and will help determine the perfect match between you and intended parents. The home visit is usually a fun and enjoyable time; more like two friends conversing. With a little preparation, you can feel confident going into a home visit and be well on your way to becoming a surrogate and giving hopeful parents the gift of a child.

Find the Right Time

Just as you wouldn’t want to head to a job interview feeling rushed and unprepared, you should have the same mentality when preparing for your home visit with SPS. Even though there is truly nothing to be anxious about, it can feel a bit overwhelming getting ready for the first step in a life-changing experience. Make sure when scheduling the home visit you have plenty of time. You will feel much more relaxed meeting with members of the organization when you know you can devote your day to it. It’s also a good idea to block off your time to avoid interruptions. Though your family should be with you during the home visit, it’s usually best to ensure you can all be present with no coming or going. The less you have to manage, the more comfortable you will feel.

Ask Questions

It’s important to come to the home visit prepared with questions of your own. Learning how to become a surrogate in California for the first time can feel like navigating uncharted waters, so take full advantage of the home visit to clear up any uncertainties. Ask as many questions as you like. This is just as much for you as it is for Cristie. Write down a list of questions, have it with you, and make sure you have an answer for each one before the end of the visit. Getting as much information as possible will only help you feel more confident and comfortable during the process and it will help Cristie and her team find the absolute best match for you.

Be Yourself

Lastly, be yourself. There’s no point in forcing a different side of yourself here. Rather, the home visit is for Cristie and SPS to learn more about you, your family and household, and your lifestyle. This is not to judge. Each case of surrogacy, both for intended parents and surrogates, is highly personal and different from every other. To be sure that you’re a fit for the intended parents and vice versa, everything must be done with sincerity. This is how Cristie has helped to bring so many healthy, compatible families together with success.

Learn More About How to Become a Surrogate in California

The home visit is an extremely important step of the process, but if you relax, ask questions, and be your sincere self, you should have a successful experience. If you’re not already signed up with SPS and want to learn more about how to become a surrogate in California, please browse our site more and check out our surrogacy requirements.