Becoming a Surrogate: Undergoing the Psychological Evaluation

Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful way to help people who desire to be parents start their families. If you’ve decided this is the right path for you, you’ll need to understand how the process works before making any further steps, as each stage is crucial to your success. After your initial decision and meetings with your agency, part of becoming a surrogate involves undergoing the psychological evaluation. This is a key step and is necessary for moving ahead and matching with intended parents.

Why Undergoing the Psychological Evaluation is Important

Undergoing the psychological evaluation is a step in your surrogacy process that you can feel confident about. This evaluation is meant to ensure that you are a good fit for not only surrogacy but for the potential intended parents that you may be matched with. Not everyone is ready or able to become a surrogate, even if they feel that it’s the right choice, so the evaluation is designed to reassure you and help you feel confident in your choice and the remaining processes. It will help you decide if surrogacy is truly right for you and it will show any surrogacy agency that you are serious about the next steps.

How the Evaluation Works

At Surrogate Parenting Services, the psychological evaluation usually happens after the initial screening and the home visit as the final step before moving forward with meeting the intended parents. The psychologist you will meet with is completely trusted by the organization. SPS and its psychologists have years of partnership between them and all psychologists have specialized experience in working with surrogate mothers. At this point in the process, you will meet with an experienced psychologist and undergo a screening test. All you have to do is be your honest, authentic self. The aim is to determine if you are mentally able to perform as a surrogate. You can expect a 3-4 hour visit with the psychologist, which includes an interview and personality testing. After the test, the psychologist creates a report for SPS and it goes to the intended parents for them to review. After the parents review the information from the psychologist and are ready to move forward, SPS will arrange the meeting between the two parties.

Start the Process of Becoming a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate takes time and dedication. You can feel confident in your process by understanding each stage and being open for asking any questions you might have. The time it takes to go through the necessary steps, including undergoing the psychological evaluation, is well worth it. You will be thankful for it in the end because it’s all a way of ensuring that you, the intended parents, and your own family, are on the same page and ready and willing to have a positive surrogacy experience. For more information on how to start your journey, complete our online form today.