Celebrity surrogacy is lighting up the media these days. Well-known names such as Perez Hilton, Tyra Banks, and Kim Kardashian have all been part of the buzz around surrogacy. When it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, the media loves to focus on the price tag of a celebrity’s surrogate. Even when they do their best to maintain privacy, celebrities’ surrogate earnings are often leaked to the public. For people considering becoming a surrogate mother, it’s important to be equipped with realistic knowledge about surrogate compensation.

How Much Will a Celebrity Pay for Their Surrogate?

A recent article by Page Six has painted the life of a celebrity’s surrogate to be quite extraordinary. Sources close to public figures discuss the lengths they will go to in order to ensure their surrogates are well taken care of. Some have been known to hire personal chefs, fitness trainers, and massage therapists to provide pampering and quality care for their surrogate mothers. In even more extreme cases, celebrities have rented out homes for their surrogates in order to be closer during childbirth preparations. Extra amenities such as these, coupled with standard surrogate rates, can cost the likes of Kim Kardashian $100,000 or more.

Luxurious amenities and potential spa treatments can entice anyone. However, these perks often come hand in hand with concerns for privacy. Page Six notes what many celebrities endure in hopes of keeping their surrogacy process private. Some use pseudonyms, work only with agencies after hours, or have their partner handle all communications in order to avoid using their real name. There is the added concern for celebrities that if they reveal their identity too early it can alter an otherwise successful process. They worry that a surrogate will take advantage of the lavish treatment and compensation only to back out at the last minute. There’s also the risk of having the surrogate’s identity revealed to the public, which can attract unwanted media attention and add new levels of stress.

Surrogate Mother - how much you make

What Can You Expect to Earn as a Surrogate?

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, standard compensation is different, and it’s secondary to the emotional rewards of helping a family grow. At a well-respected surrogacy agency in California, how much do surrogate mothers make? First-time surrogates can expect to earn a flat fee of $60,000 + $10,000 in guaranteed extras. Other compensation is typically provided for additional medical procedures, lost wages in the instance you must leave your job earlier than planned, multiple births, etc. More experienced surrogates, those going through a surrogate pregnancy for a second or third time, will receive a higher surrogate mother pay.

In addition to financial compensation, you will be rewarded with a deeply intimate bond with your intended parents. Many intended parents and surrogates form such a close friendship throughout the surrogacy process that they remain in close contact long after childbirth. There’s also the satisfaction of knowing you played a key role in another family’s happiness; without surrogates, many families would be unable to fulfill their dreams of having children. Many surrogate mothers enjoy this feeling so much that they embark on the surrogacy process more than once.

Surrogate Mothers Love Working With SPS

Becoming a surrogate mother is a process that should be handled with care, and potential surrogates can rest easy working with SPS. Trained professionals and expert mentors at SPS not only have personal experience with surrogacy but extensive knowledge about what it takes to make a successful experience for everyone involved. They handle everything from customized matches between surrogates and intended parents, setting up legal consultations and health screenings, and ensuring that all travel accommodations are met if necessary. For more information, contact SPS at (949) 397-6855 today.