There are a whole lot of firsts during a surrogacy journey, whether you’re an intended parent or a gestational surrogate. If one of your firsts happens to be celebrating Mother’s Day, you might wonder what the right way to celebrate the holiday is. The good news is, as long as you and your surrogacy team are all on the same page, there’s no “wrong” way to observe the day. Many women who carry their children opt not to celebrate the day until after the baby is born and surrogates tend to report that they expect nothing to happen on the day (whether it’s the first or a Mother’s Day following the baby’s birth) simply because they aren’t the baby’s mother. That said, some families do like to celebrate the day, but aren’t quite sure how to do it. If you’re looking for unique ideas, check these out…

Write a Letter to the Baby

If you’d like to create a memorable keepsake for the little one, penning a letter for him or her may be ideal. Consider including things like how you’re feeling now, how excited you are that he or she will be here soon, and what brought you to this journey. Tuck the letter away in the baby’s first album, so he or she can read it in the years to come. While a single letter is memorable by itself, you may want to talk to others on your team to see if they’d like to write a few lines as well or keep it private and make it part of an ongoing tradition.

Pamper Yourself 

The path to motherhood has no doubt had its share of ups and downs for you, whether you’re a gestational surrogate or intended mother. With baby’s due date approaching, a little R and R is well-earned. Do whatever feels right to you, be it taking a nap, going for a massage, having a mani/pedi, or something else entirely.

Swap Gifts

If you’re carrying a baby for someone, you’re already providing them with the most precious gift they could ever wish for. That said, you can still make a symbolic gesture if it’s in your heart to do so. Some popular options include framed ultrasound images, recordings of baby’s heartbeat, or jewelry with “Mom” etched on it. Intended parents can also celebrate surrogates. Again, it needn’t be something lavish, but a simple note of appreciation, a keepsake, or something to pamper your surrogate is often greatly appreciated.

Have Lunch Together

If you’re close with the other members of your team, gather everybody for a meal together. Because surrogates already have children of their own who will (hopefully) be treating them to breakfast, consider meeting up for lunch or dinner. With the beautiful spring weather, it’s also the perfect time to meet up for a picnic at a park.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey with SPS

If you aren’t already a surrogate or an intended parent with a baby on the way, but are instead reflecting on your options this Mother’s Day, Surrogate Parenting Services is here to support you. We work with women who want to become gestational surrogates by ensuring they’re prepared for the journey ahead and helping them find their ideal intended parent matches. We also work with people who want to grow their families by ensuring they find well-qualified surrogates who share their values and ideals. Once matched, we guide teams throughout the entire process, from forming legal agreements through getting services to aid in the journey, so that it’s a wonderful experience for all. We’ve been a part of hundreds of surrogacy journeys and understand what lies ahead, as well as how to overcome obstacles you may face. Call SPS at (949) 397-6855 to learn more about what sets us apart or to begin your own surrogacy journey today.