September 30 holds a special place in our hearts here at SPS, and that’s because it’s the birthday of the very first SPS baby! 

Born September 30, 1991, this baby boy is all grown up now. But his birth marked the beginning of an amazing journey.

As we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of that special day, we’re thrilled to share the incredible milestones that we’ve achieved since then.

33 years of joy

Since that first magical moment in 1991, SPS has been at the forefront of surrogacy in California. As of October 2023, we have helped bring 938 precious babies into the world—442 girls and 496 boys

Each birth is a testament to the dedication and compassion of our SPS team and our extraordinary surrogate mothers. 

Changing lives around the world

While SPS is based in Southern California, we have had the privilege of supporting families from 23 states and 30 different countries. Celebrating 33 Years of Surrogacy Success at SPS

We have a special tradition at SPS. After the birth of each baby, the case manager that supported the journey adds a pin to our world map to show where the babies are going home to. You can see our map here! 

The heart and soul behind SPS

Our founder and president, Cristie Montgomery, has had first-hand experience with surrogacy. After being a surrogate and giving birth to a baby girl in 1989, Cristie was motivated to do more to help others have a child of their own.

When she founded SPS in 1990, Cristie’s goal was to create a full-service surrogacy program that ensured personal care for both surrogates and intended parents.

Over three decades later, we are still focused on providing exceptional support to both parties. In fact, Cristie personally guides the matching process at SPS, which is one of the main reasons we have had such a long history of success.

Today, Cristie is the longest established surrogacy agency owner in California, and we are also one of the oldest full-service surrogacy agencies in the country.

It has been a wonderful journey for us here at SPS, and we look forward to helping fulfill more dreams in the future.

Learn More About Becoming a Surrogate with Surrogate Parenting Services 

Surrogate Parenting Services is proud to celebrate over 30 years of helping to bring dreams to life! Founded in 1990, Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is a full-service surrogacy agency that offers both parties an exceptionally supportive environment throughout the surrogacy relationship. We’re passionate about creating ideal matches between surrogates and intended parents, so the journey is fulfilling for both sides and the future child is brought into this world in the best possible circumstances.   

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