On behalf of California Surrogate Parenting Service, we would like to thank each and every surrogate mother “giving the gift of life” to parents who could not have a child otherwise. For those of you who have not yet experienced the personal fulfillment of becoming a surrogate, but are thinking about it, this list is intended to reveal what so many other women already know: that choosing to become a California surrogate mother can be very enriching both personally and financially. Some of the benefits include:

Personal Satisfaction

Everyone knows that infertility can be devastating for many couples. Only through outside assistance can they realize their dreams of parenthood. Helping others can be a powerful motivator, and can lead to strong feelings of personal satisfaction because of the dramatic impact your choice will have on the lives of people in need. As a surrogate, you will even likely have the opportunity to choose the parents you wish to assist, which enables you to focus your selection on parents who share the same outlook and beliefs as you.

Developing Friendships

The intense feeling of gratitude IPs (intended parents) feel towards the surrogate helps to forge a relationship that may prove to be strong and enduring, perhaps lasting long after the baby is born. At California Surrogate Parenting Service, we feel it is of the utmost importance to maintain this positive environment for the sake of the unborn child. That is why SPS focuses on carefully matching two parties who have the same expectations concerning the relationship. Some families may choose to continue this emotional connection and others may prefer to discontinue it – but, in the end, the gratitude will live on either way.

Receiving the Best Health Care

At all stages of your surrogacy, you are closely monitored by some of the best healthcare professionals in the country, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. This comes at absolutely no expense to you, so if you have struggled to provide healthcare for yourself, you will have complete coverage during the surrogacy process. The coverage also extends prior to pregnancy in the form of extensive health testing, which include cervical cultures, blood tests and a hysteroscopy (a uterine evaluation to ensure implantation can occur).

Financial Compensation

In addition to the top-notch, costly healthcare included in the program, surrogates also receive significant financial benefits paid for by the IPs for the service of pregnancy and delivery. The compensation depends on different factors, but on average SPS pays a surrogate up to $35,000, with the potential to earn more in additional reimbursements.

A Complete Support Network

As a California surrogate, you will have the support and care not only from your IPs, but also the dedicated team of professionals at Surrogate Parenting Services. We will be coaching you every step of the way, and ensuring that you are happy, healthy, and safe at all times.