The decision to be a surrogate in California is monumental and certainly doesn’t come without careful consideration. Even though many women hear about surrogacy through an SPS ad, there are a lot of other places besides an agency that provides information as well. Depending on what led you to the decision, bringing a third-party into the mix might not even come to mind.

Let’s examine some of the most common factors in deciding if you should work with an agency and the benefits and support that you might have overlooked.  

If You Want to Be a Surrogate in California and Don’t Know the Intended Parents…

Usually, it’s SPS that makes the match between surrogates and intended parents, so they meet through the agency. If you don’t already have a family in mind that you’d like to assistance, SPS can help you screen intended parents, and protect your interests as you go through the process.

If You Want to Be a Surrogate in California and the Intended Parents are Friends or Relatives…

It might not even occur to you to work with an agency if you’re going to carry a baby for a loved one, and some people feel a little awkward bringing it up. However, a reputable agency can provide access to resources and guide you. Given the sensitive nature of the situation, it’s very helpful to have a neutral third-party, who can help bring up tough questions before the journey begins. This way, your relationship with the intended parents will remain strong as you’ll be unified by the decisions you make together at the onset.

When Should You Consider Working with SPS? …

If you’re unfamiliar with the laws. Although California laws are very surrogate-friendly, you’ll need to have paperwork filed with the courts to clarify your role in the pregnancy and afterwards. It’s also important to have the legal aspects examined to ensure you receive payments, and are treated fairly.

If you’d prefer to have someone else manage the financial aspects. Discussing rates and contingencies can be difficult, but an experienced agency knows how to structure financial agreements in a way that makes everyone comfortable.

If you’re not sure what steps need to be taken. There is a whirlwind of activity when you decide to be a surrogate in California. There are appointments for doctors, lawyers, tests, and more. SPS makes sure that everything gets done on time.

If you want someone to look out for your interests. When you choose to be a surrogate in California, much of the focus is on the health of the baby you’re carrying, and on the intended parents who have waited so very long to add a precious little one to their family. However, SPS recognizes the sacrifices that you’re making to enable someone else’s dream to come true, and will look out for your needs from the very start until well after delivery.

If you want to be a surrogate in California, you could technically do so without the help of SPS. However, the journey you’re about to begin will go much smoother for everyone when you have a hand from someone who has been through the process before. If nothing else, the added assistance provides peace of mind, and that is helpful in any situation.