Thinking about having your surrogacy in California? Surrogacy is a wonderful, life-changing experience—thanks to the amazing process of birth. Babies play no small part in that process, and, if you think about it, babies just don’t get enough credit. Even though they depend completely on someone else for food, shelter and safety, it may surprise you to find out how much newborns know and can do—even just minutes out of the womb!

Here are some amazing things about newborns Intended Parents probably don’t know:

Instinctive Rooters. Almost immediately after birth, newborns begin instinctively looking for food. New moms will notice the baby turning her head to the side, opening their mouths wide, and even sucking on their own hands.

Little Movers and Shakers. You may already be aware that newborns are capable of lifting their heads and chest up when laying on their tummies, but did you also know that some newborns can even “crawl” around—although not in the same way as older babies.

No Need for Fiber! Newborn babies, on average, poop several times a day, with the fourth day after birth peaking at 6-10 times per day! This is because breastfed babies digest milk so easily. Their breastfed diet is also the reason for their squishy, soft bowl movements.

A Lack of Eye Coordination. Newborns’ eyes are not coordinated in the slightest and it is very normal for babies to cross their eyes, mainly because their eye muscles are still in an early stage of development. Talk to your child’s healthcare provider if this goes on for an extended period of time.

No, They Don’t Have Rickets. The feet and legs of newborns are often bowed and turned in, because their bones are softer than an adult’s. After all, they have spent the last few months before birth in a very tight space, folded and tucked in the womb. Don’t worry though, your baby’s feet will straighten out in the weeks and months after birth.

A Face Only a Mother Could Love. Newborns aren’t always cute, as their features sometimes appear either over or under proportioned. Your child might not be a looker at birth, but give it a few days and you’ll see their looks change almost daily.

Heavy Weights. Babies, in a sense, are caterpillars who do nothing but drink milk, get fat, poop freakish amounts, and grow at an alarming rate—almost doubling in size in just five months after birth.

Superhuman Tasting Abilities. Babies are born with taste buds on the roof, back, and sides of their mouths—much more than adults do. They also have a high sensitivity to sweet and bitter tastes, but do not react towards salty foods until about 5 months. This near super human ability eventually fades with age, though.

Big Eyes. Babies’ are born with eyes that are about 75% the size of their adult eyes. Just take a good look at your baby, and see how overly proportioned their eyes are compared to their heads.

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