As you move through your surrogacy journey, one major milestone you may come across is Father’s Day. While many intended fathers do go through the process more than once as they grow their families, for many, this is uncharted water and their very first Father’s Day. Deciding how to celebrate it, or whether to observe the holiday at all, is a personal decision. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. That said, if honoring the day is in your heart, either to commemorate it for yourself or to acknowledge the day for your significant other you can use the ideas below as inspiration to craft a day that’s befitting of your personal style.

1) Frame a Photo

If you’re giving your significant other a gift, things like framed ultrasound photos with mentions of “dad” tend to be appreciated. Some dads keep these at the office or somewhere special at home, while others add them to the nursery.

2) Start a Scrapbook or Journal

Crafty dads may enjoy working on or receiving a pregnancy scrapbook. These are great keepsakes for the little one to have as he or she grows up because it will answer some of the most pressing questions in a natural and sensitive way. Intended parents don’t generally have to work too hard to come up with something befitting; simply including a few phrases about how excited Dad is to meet the baby or what emotions he’s felt on the surrogacy journey is enough. For dads-to-be who aren’t into the crafting, journals are a fun idea. You can create one that covers the surrogacy only or purchase one with enough pages that you can add entries to it as your child grows.

3) Give Him a Dad-to-Be Kit

Those honoring intended fathers can create a kit that suits his personality. For the dad who likes to be comical, toss in things like a nose plug for diaper changes and a tool belt packed with changing supplies. A traditional dad might appreciate seeing a onesie with a message about him on it, while a sports enthusiast might love to see baby gear done up with team logos.

4) Celebrate Not-a-Dad-Day

Yes, you’ve more than planned for your baby if you’ve chosen surrogacy, and so the resulting pregnancy may well be one of the most exciting times of your life so far. You’re probably bursting with anticipation waiting to meet the little one. That said, if you’re a fan of Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” or the idea of having a night off before the sleepless nights with baby ensue, you’re welcomed to celebrate your very last “Not-a-Dad-Day.”

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