Many people have turned to surrogacy in California in recent years, resulting in an international baby boom of sorts. If you’ve been considering finding a surrogate mother in the United States, but aren’t quite sure what the process entails or what to look for, use this quick guide for International Intended Parents to get started.

Work with a Reputable Agency

There are only a few agencies with proven track records for helping parents (called intended parents) and surrogates alike. At Surrogate Parenting Services, we’ve helped hundreds of people on their journeys and do everything we can to ensure it’s a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Gain Access to Top-Notch Medical Care

One of the best things about coming to the United States to hire a surrogate is the quality of medical care available. Both your surrogate and baby will have access to world-class services, ensuring more successful outcomes, healthy babies, and healthy surrogates. In fact, the area where SPS operates has some of the best fertility specialists in the country.

Choose Surrogacy in California

The laws regarding surrogates vary from one state to the next in America. California has the most laws in place to support intended parents and protect their rights. It’s actually the only state in which you can presently lock down your rights as a parent before the baby is born and ensure that, should any legal issues ever arise, they’ll be handled by California courts which protect intended parents.

Work with Your Choice of Donor and/or Surrogate

All our surrogates go through a rigorous qualification process to ensure they’re physically and emotionally ready to handle a pregnancy. We then match up intended parents with qualified surrogates based on their preferences and values. Once matched, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your potential surrogate and you’ll both make the decision to move forward together. Some of the pairings we make are so well-formed that they become lifelong friends. If you’ll also be requiring the assistance of an egg or sperm donor, we can help make sure you’re matched with your ideal counterparts there as well.

Be Assured of Privacy

The United States has very tough laws regarding patient privacy. Nobody will ever need to know that your baby was born via a surrogate unless you choose to tell them. California, being a very progressive state, is also ideal for sensitive surrogacies, as individuals on the surrogacy journey are free from personal judgments and societal stigmas.

International Intended Parents Choose SPS for Surrogacy in California

At SPS, we’re here to support you and ensure every detail is seen to throughout the entire surrogacy process. From your very first phone call to our office until long after your baby is born and in your arms, we’ll make sure that your journey is a smooth one. This includes screening candidates, matching you with medical and legal services, and putting you in touch with any necessary resources along the way. For more tips for international intended parents or to learn more about surrogacy in California, call us at (949) 397-6855.