Discussing issues related to mental health (directly or indirectly) is always difficult.  But to ensure a successful match, a safe surrogacy, and the best possible circumstances for the future child, we know that it’s essential to engage in those difficult discussions – using the utmost compassion and support.

At Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS), all of our surrogates and intended parents meet with mental health professionals who specialize in this very unique experience.  The goal isn’t to make anyone uncomfortable – it’s actually the exact opposite.  Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned that this essential step actually helps both parties feel more comfortable with the match and fosters an atmosphere of trust.

Benefits for Surrogates

Pregnancy is an emotional experience (regardless of whether you’re expanding your own family or helping someone else expand theirs), and being a surrogate comes with its own joys and challenges.  So, speaking with a mental health professional is an essential step in understanding yourself, your family, and the journey that’s ahead.

Preparation:  During the interview process, every prospective surrogate spends three or four hours with a specialized Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP).  It’s not an evaluation of you as a person, but of whether becoming a surrogate is right for you at this moment in time.  When you’re matched with intended parents, they’ll benefit from knowing that we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you are prepared for and committed to the partnership and the safe surrogacy journey.

Partnership:  We recognize that trust is a two-way street, and you’ll soon be faced with the decision of whether you want to help bring a child into the world for people who are, at these early stages, relative strangers.  That’s why we also require intended parents to meet with a LMHP – at the beginning of the journey and before the delivery.  We believe it’s an important step in reassuring you that the people/person who will be raising the baby you carry are emotionally prepared and stable.

Ongoing Support:  Safe surrogacy means more than preparing you for the experience and matching you with intended parents you can trust.  It also means providing you ongoing support.  In addition to the support you receive from your SPS team, you’ll also have monthly support meetings led by mental health professionals.

Benefits for Intended Parents

Struggling to start a family carries a great deal of emotion and stress – and, for many, the decision to partner with a surrogate comes after years of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant.  So, when we discuss the benefits that intended parents experience with our psychological evaluation practices, it goes beyond issues relating solely to the surrogate’s journey.

Preparation:  First and foremost, meeting with a mental health professional helps you identify and process the emotions that have been building during this journey and any fears that persist – in an effort to further prepare you for the path ahead.  While these meetings aren’t official psychological evaluations, they’re intended to encourage honest dialog and insightful discussion with highly trained and wonderfully empathetic professionals – something all future parents should experience.

Partnership:  At SPS, we believe that psychological stability is absolutely essential for becoming a surrogate.  That’s why each of our surrogates undergo a lengthy and formal psychological evaluation before being accepted into the program.  It’s one of the many tools we use to ensure we’re proposing the best possible match.  After all, this journey requires trust, and we’ll do everything possible to nurture strong bonds and successful partnerships.

Start the Journey with the Leading Agency for Safe Surrogacy

Our goal at Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is to create a bond of trust between Intended Parents and Surrogates that result in the fulfillment of everyone’s dreams.

Founded in 1990, SPS is a full-service surrogacy program that offers both parties an exceptionally supportive environment throughout the surrogacy relationship.  We’re passionate about creating ideal matches between surrogates and intended parents, so the journey is fulfilling for both sides and the future child is brought into this world in the best possible circumstances.

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