Every surrogacy story is special, and yours is no exception. That’s why we’re so excited about our Storytellers series.

This week we’re hearing from Katie, who had three journeys with SPS before becoming our office manager. Learn what inspired Katie to do multiple journeys, why SPS was the best choice for her, and her amazing experience with egg donation.

Why Katie decided to become a surrogate

I met a surrogate when my son was only a few months old. I had never heard of surrogacy, and I was so intrigued by the concept and thought it was such an amazing way to pay it forward.

What inspired her to do two more journeys

Knowing I was able to help is not something I could ignore. I waited a few years after my first journey until I knew it was the perfect time for my family to do another journey, and I had an equally positive experience the second time. I even did a third journey and all three families have a special place in my heart and have given me so much joy.

Why she chose SPS

Honestly, I didn’t do any research and I got very LUCKY! The surrogate that introduced me to surrogacy was with SPS, so I went with SPS as well. I am so thankful that she led me to SPS. I always felt supported and was comforted by how knowledgeable everyone was.

From egg donation to surrogacy

When I met the woman who introduced to surrogacy, being a surrogate wasn’t right for my family at that time. However, being an egg donor was possible. I was able to be a donor for nine families who lived all over the world, and it is exciting to know these families are so happy. I still have a relationship with one of the families and we get together with my son from time to time.

After I was done being a donor, the opportunity came up for me to be a surrogate, and I was excited to be a part of a journey as a surrogate. When I met the IPs, they had already done a journey, and this was their second time. I liked the fact that they knew what the process was going to be like, and I was ecstatic they liked me as well.

I happen to look like their first child, so they asked if I would be open to being their egg donor as well. I agreed, so we did a traditional journey. I will never forget the look on the mom’s face when she was holding her baby for the first time, and the joy in my heart for helping make that happen.

Katie’s second journey 

A few years later, surrogacy started tugging on my heart again, and I knew the time was right. I reached out to SPS, and they quickly matched me with another amazing couple. This was their first child and watching the excitement grow in them as we got closer and closer to delivery was amazing. They were beside themselves when she was born and instantly in love. It was incredible to watch.

“It’s just too much joy to hold in”

After two great experiences, I immediately knew I wanted to do it one more time. Somehow, I was matched with another incredible couple. My husband and I felt such an incredible bond with them during the journey. Just thinking about them and the other two families brings tears to my eyes. It’s just too much joy to hold in. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to help these families and the families I was an egg donor for.

It’s funny … growing up I always thought I would have four children, and hoped I would have a boy, then two girls, then a boy. After I had my son, I quickly realized he made my family complete and I did not need another child. My first and second surrogate babies were girls and the last was a boy, so I ended up having a boy, then two girls, and finally a boy just like I had always wanted!

Katie’s thoughts on surrogacy

I think that when it is done right, it is an incredible experience and the bonds that are made during the process are priceless.

Thank you for being a part of Storytellers, Katie!

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