Surrogacy is more than simply carrying a baby for someone else. Surrogacy is the generous act of gifting a child to people who long for a family but have unfortunate circumstances standing in the way. Whatever these circumstances may be, choosing to build a family via surrogacy is not always an easy choice. It comes with much sacrifice and many unfamiliar situations. As a surrogate, you too will face many changes to your current lifestyle. However, the benefits of surrogacy far extend past the traditional compensation that may have interested you from the beginning. Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is an agency that will help you achieve even more than you ever expected from your surrogacy experience.

1) Giving Your Life Meaning

Many surrogate mothers speak of the new perspective on life they have during and after being a surrogate. For anyone, feeling like you have a purpose in life is incredibly valuable. Becoming a surrogate is this life purpose for many people. Not only will you feel valuable as a key part in building a family, the gratitude from the intended parents is sure to last a lifetime, long after the baby is born.

2) Fostering a New Relationship

As a surrogate, you will become very close with the intended parents you are matched with. Because they have relinquished much control in this process, they will want and deserve to stay informed and included in decisions regarding the pregnancy. You will spend a lot of time together making decisions and staying up to date on each others lives. For some this process is purely business, but for most it becomes an extremely rewarding personal bond. Its likely that even after the baby is born, you will maintain this deeply intimate relationship with the parents.

3) Expanding Your Social Circle

Not only will you foster a new relationship with the intended parents, you are sure to expand your entire social circle during the surrogacy process. From your devoted mentors at your agency to the many new support groups you have access to, you are sure to meet new people that you otherwise may never have crossed paths with. Surrogacy support groups are available nearly everywhere and are a great asset for making friends, finding support, and navigating your new pregnancy.

4) Joys of Pregnancy

If you do not love being pregnant, then you probably would never have considered surrogacy. Instead, your love for being pregnant was likely one of the deciding factors for beginning this process. As a surrogate, you will still experience much of the same joys of being pregnant. You will have the pleasure of watching the baby grow, feeling it kick, and enjoying that beautiful pregnancy glow – and more!

5) Financial Compensation

Most surrogates are compensated quite adequately for their services. In addition to the medical fees being covered, you will receive a compensation package. At Surrogate Parenting Services, you are compensated even more if you decide to be a surrogate more than once. With these funds, many people gain financial freedom that they never expected. The extra finances have allowed many surrogates to start a savings fund, pursue education, or finance a home.

Enjoy Your Surrogacy Experience with Surrogate Parenting Services

At Surrogate Parenting Services, you will fully understand all the potential benefits of surrogacy before starting your journey as surrogate mother. From financial agreements to legal documents to medical screenings, mentors at SPS will be with you every step of the way. The staff is passionate and committed to giving every surrogate mother a positive and fulfilling experience, one that leads to the gift of a child for deserving parents. For more information on starting this process, contact us online or call (949) 304-5234 today.