Surrogacy in California is quickly becoming mainstream as more and more media attention hones in on celebrity surrogacy. Though these cases are a bit different from the average citizen’s surrogacy process, the good news is that normalizing surrogacy can open doors and spark conversations for families looking for alternative ways to have children. Kim Kardashian West, one of the biggest names in celebrity news, has opened up about her previous pregnancies and her decision to choose a surrogate for her third child. Regardless of her lavish lifestyle and heightened publicity, her reproductive health story is one that many can relate to.

Reasons to Choose Surrogacy

Families all across the world consider surrogacy when conventional childbirth isn’t an option. There are countless reasons for this; some of the more common are infertility, same-sex partners, health complications, and/or single parenthood. Kim Kardashian West is an interesting case considering she has already successfully carried and given birth to two children, daughter North and son Saint. However, health complications have come to light since then and influenced her decision to have a third child.

Media reports have revealed details of Kim’s reproductive health challenges. According to In Touch, Kim suffers with severe fibroids. Though benign, uterine fibroids can cause intense pain and cramping, heavy menstrual bleeding, and pregnancy complications in the worst of cases. In addition, Kim’s first pregnancy was especially tough as she suffered placenta accreta after delivery. Placenta accreta is a condition in which the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after childbirth, often resulting in extreme blood loss. These complications can lead to a hysterectomy, meaning that childbearing would no longer be an option. Fortunately, she and husband Kanye West explored surrogacy and decided that this is the best option for them to continue growing their family.

Kim K’s Surrogate

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian West’s third child will be born in January 2018. Us Magazine provided details of her surrogacy agreement with the surrogate mother, which include certain health stipulations such as avoiding smoking and not consuming raw fish. These are standard requests for intended parents to make of their surrogate mother, who must initially pass health screenings and often psychological evaluations even before being considered. Sources say that the famous family is in good hands with their surrogate, who has already had experience with the process before.

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