If you’re considering surrogacy in California, rest assured that there are resources available to help you have the best experience possible. Perhaps the most crucial part of the surrogacy process for either party is the matching process. This is the time when potential surrogates meet potential intended parents to determine if the relationship will be a proper fit. Because so many factors play into finding the best match, most intended parents opt to work with experienced surrogacy agencies to ensure a good match is made.

The Matching Process Ensures Your Safety

While not every agency operates like SPS does, our first priority is ensuring that everyone we work with is both mentally and physically prepared for the journey ahead. For intended parents especially, an agency is helpful for eliminating much of the guesswork in finding the best surrogate. Because surrogacy in California is an ever-growing industry, the potential surrogates available can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to know what criteria really matters when searching for the ideal surrogate. Fortunately, using an agency for the matching process is the safest and most reliable way to find the right fit. Of course, quality agencies are with you well after the match is made, but assisting in this initial step is an important safeguard that makes the whole process much smoother.

Personality Makes a Difference

Beyond the initial safety and health concerns, personalized matching processes between surrogate and intended parents are key for establishing genuine relationships. Many agencies consider carefully the personality profiles of each party in order to set up the perfect match. Intended parents are free to note any preferences they may have for their surrogate from the beginning, but an agency can help them go a step further by finding surrogates that also have chemistry with the parents. Intended parents and surrogates who not only get along professionally but on a deeper, more personal level tend to have even more rewarding experiences throughout the surrogacy process.

Another bonus of having a highly personalized match between surrogate and intended parents is the opportunity to continue the relationship even after the child is born. Many surrogates remain close to intended parents long after the process is over because they bonded so deeply over their shared experience. Regardless of a surrogate’s involvement in the child’s life, they may remain a key pillar of support for the parents because they went through a unique journey together. This doesn’t happen for everyone, but more often than not an intimate friendship or familial feeling will develop between parties.

Find Your Perfect Match with SPS

To begin your journey toward surrogacy in California, turn to Surrogate Parenting Services. Knowledgeable professionals at SPS help intended parents find the best surrogate through health screenings, personality evaluations, and in-person meetings to ultimately determine the bond between each party. With this process, SPS is proud of the many successful surrogacy arrangements they have facilitated over the years. Personalized matches are the best way for everyone involved in surrogacy to have the most fulfilling experience. For more information on the surrogacy process, contact SPS at (949) 397-6855 today.