Surrogacy in California: Working with International Intended Parents

Becoming a surrogate is one of the greatest gifts you can give to parents trying to build a family. Surrogacy in California is particularly special because, as one of the most advanced and liberal states concerning surrogacy law, it allows intended parents and surrogates to come together from all over the world in many unique ways. As a surrogate, you have the option to help build a family an entire ocean away from you.

Why International Intended Parents Choose Surrogacy in California

People around the world who desire to start a family of their own often turn to the United States for surrogate options. Surrogacy in California is especially ideal for many intended parents because of its surrogate-friendly attitudes and laws. The state of California accepts all intended parent arrangements, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. There are several other factors that drive international intended parents to look for surrogates in California, including:

Stigma in their countries. Certain parts of the world ban surrogacy altogether. For would-be parents, this can be devastating. Exhausting all other options for building a family can be not only exhausting and physically taxing, but extremely expensive. This is why many people from countries around the world head to the United States, California specifically, to get help starting their family.
The Desire for better health care. Even if surrogacy is accepted in their country, intended parents may still be concerned about the medical options available for the surrogate they find. In California, surrogate mothers receive top-notch health care while pregnant, not to mention additional compensation for any extra medical costs that may incur during the surrogacy process.
High-quality agencies. Surrogate agencies in California, such as Surrogate Parenting Services, provide personalized care and guidance for both surrogates and intended parents every step of the way. SPS, for instance, takes care of all travel arrangements and setting up necessary appointments and meetings for intended parents. This takes off much of the pressures of being far away from the surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy.
Egg donor options. There are often more options for finding egg donors in the United States as well. Many intended parents from around the world desire certain traits for their child or they may simply be unable to find a donor arrangement that works due to stigma, health, or other factors.

The International Surrogacy Process

The process for joining international intended parents and surrogates is similar to the process for finding parents in California and across the United States. In the same way that Cristie and other mentors at Surrogate Parenting Services personalize the match between surrogate and parents in California, liaisons work with parents around the world to find the best match for everyone involved. SPS never sacrifices the quality of the match, and their commitment to personalization no matter where the parents are located.

To start the international process, SPS sets up a phone consultation between the surrogate, intended parents, and the organization. This is required to make sure everyone is on the same page and that the match works for both parties before any travel happens. After the initial consultation, the intended parents will travel to the United States. SPS takes care of all necessary details and appointments during this trip to optimize the travel time for the parents. Any doctor, psychologist, and legal appointments will be scheduled in addition to a time for the parents and surrogate to meet. SPS even provides assistance with housing, transportation, and interpretation for the parents if necessary.
Surrogacy in California Starts with Surrogate Parenting Services
If you’ve decided to explore options for surrogacy in California, it’s worth considering working with international intended parents. You could potentially help build a family for parents across the ocean who desire nothing more than the gift of a child. When you partner with Surrogate Parenting Services for all your surrogacy needs, you’re in the right hands. Learn more about our international surrogacy program today.