The sad truth is that all you have to do is flip on the TV these days and you’re likely to be hit with negative or inaccurate messages about surrogacy. In a previous blog, we looked at all the ways the Gilmore Girls revival got surrogacy wrong, but they’re not the only ones. Whether people simply just don’t understand surrogacy, they want to stir up drama, or they ham it up for comedic effect, they do sometimes paint it in a negative light. Here’s how to deal with it when you see it.

1) Correct Misinformation

If you’re thick-skinned, it’s ok to call out the media about spreading misinformation. Most organizations have a dedicated email or phone number to notify them of bad info they’ve given out. You can also clarify things in comment threads if the author of an article is known for listening in.

2) Set Emotions Aside

There are very few things in life that are as emotional as a woman’s right to choose what happens with her body or struggles with infertility. Whether you’re approaching surrogacy as an intended parent or gestational carrier, you’re going to be naturally emotional and defensive about your position. Unfortunately, emotions won’t help correct misinformation or get the media to realize the errors. They only help sensationalize their story. Stick to the facts when correcting their misinformation, and you’ll feel better in the long run.

3) Turn a Blind Eye

If you’re having trouble setting emotions aside, it’s ok to let it go. There’s no rule that says you have to call the media out on everything that gets presented incorrectly. Disconnect from the source of bad info.

4) Focus on Your Core Group

If you still feel like fighting the fight and sorting out the media’s issues, tackle it with a smaller group of people instead of on a public forum or news site. Hopefully, those closest to you will be glad for the clarification, and it will give you the opportunity to create bonds as you begin your journey. Just talking about the surrogacy process with friends and family can open up new avenues for support.

5) Chat with Like-Minded People

When you constantly hear negativity or misinformation, it can feel overwhelming. In addition to disconnecting from the negativity, you can also find groups of people who share your passion for surrogacy. Being around like-minded folks will help fill you back up when you’re feeling deflated. Plus, you may find that your group is actively correcting misinformation as a unified front.

Learn More About Surrogacy

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