The surrogacy process is a path that brings about many new experiences for you and those closest to you. It will be different from your other pregnancies in ways you may not expect. One of these unexpected situations is the relationship that will develop between you as the surrogate and the intended parent/s. This can be a truly rewarding and intimate experience. At Surrogate Parenting Services, an experienced surrogacy mentor and professional team will guide the initial match between you and the right intended parents. After the match is solidified, your surrogacy process will inevitably include nurturing this new relationship.

How to Build a Positive Relationship with Parents

Your entire experience with the intended parents during the surrogacy process will be guided by your surrogacy professional. Experts in the field will be with you every step of the way concerning medical decisions, scheduling needs, and other necessary arrangements. However, because your bond with the intended parents is personal in addition to professional, there are other aspects to consider in order to have success.

Establish Communication Goals and Boundaries

Your intended parents will likely be eager for any and all information throughout your pregnancy. Because they are not the ones experiencing the pregnancy first hand, expect many questions from them. To make this experience easier for both you and the parents, set up communication schedules and boundaries right from the start. If you can commit to communicating updates on a timely basis and the intended parents can commit to respecting your schedule, for instance, communication will be relaxed and easy. Make it clear if there are times and spaces in which you would prefer not to be contacted, but also communicate the information that the parents expect.

Be Empathetic

For a truly positive surrogacy process, remember that empathy goes a long way. Keep in mind that the intended parents have completely relinquished control and are depending on someone else to carry a healthy baby. This can be extremely challenging. If you can be empathetic to their fears and worries, you will feel better about communicating with them. Consider reaching out to people in your life who have been in their shoes, or ask your surrogacy professionals for guidance in understanding surrogacy from an intended parents point of view.

What You Can Do to Prepare for Obstacles

The surrogacy process almost always results in a beautiful, positive relationship between surrogate and parents. To ensure this happens, be prepared for the more challenging times throughout the pregnancy.

Understand Your Rights

Challenges can occur when medical decisions come into play. If you understand your rights as surrogate mother from the beginning, you will be able to successfully navigate these conversations with both your medical team and the intended parents. Intended parents often play a big part in making medical decisions, but you have your rights as well. This can vary from situation to situation, so make sure to communicate these things with all parties early on in the surrogacy process. This way you will have a positive experience.

Be Flexible

In addition to being empathetic, focus on ways to be flexible when challenging times come up throughout your surrogacy. Sometimes the littlest things mean more than you could imagine to intended parents, who are eagerly awaiting their baby. If a snag occurs in communication or a decision process, take a step back and consider the parents needs. A small sacrifice on your part can sometimes be a huge win for the parents. Learning to be flexible throughout the surrogacy process will go a long way toward building a positive relationship.

Ask for Support

If an obstacle comes up that proves difficult to navigate between you and the intended parents, ask your surrogacy professional to mediate. This is a great way to handle conversations that youre unfamiliar with having and not sure how to handle. It also relieves tension from you and the intended parents if one or both parties feel uncomfortable asking for something or communicating their needs. Support teams exist to ensure successful surrogacies, healthy babies, and the development of happy, healthy families. Ask for help when you need it.

Let Surrogate Parenting Services Guide Your Surrogacy Process

Surrogate Parenting Services is a surrogacy organization that strongly believes in setting both surrogates and intended parents up for success. Passionate professionals will be there for every step of the surrogacy process. With them, you are sure to not only have a positive surrogacy experience but to also build and develop a unique and intimate relationship with the parents. For more information on the surrogacy process, contact Surrogate Parenting Services at (949) 304-5234 today.